Lyrics: Alice Maestera

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Alice Maestera by Alstroemeria Records
Original Romanized Translation

夢は全て光失うの? 想いいつか君と重なるの? 1人歩き続けてる今でも 君の笑顔それはひと時の 心揺れることを隠してる いつか別の道歩む

yume wa subete hikari ushinau no? omoi itsuka kimi to kasanaru no? hitori aruki tsuzuketeru ima demo kimi no egao, sore wa hito toki no kokoro yureru koto wo kakashiteru itsuka betsu no michi ayumu

Since when have my dreams lost their light? Since when have you entered my thoughts? Even now as I continue walking alone, I see your smile from long before. Hiding the wavering in my heart, from time to time I tread a separate path.

「貴方は1人じゃないよ」 笑顔で言った言葉が胸にある 私は1人じゃないの? 孤独を恐れる運命 (さだめ) を見てた

"anata wa hitori janai yo" egao de itta kotoba ga mune ni aru watashi wa hitori janai no? kodoku wo osoreru sadame wo miteta

“You are not alone” These words you spoke with a smile I hold in my heart. I’m not alone? But I had been watching my fate, one to be filled with loneliness.

ああ君のそばで ああ夢を見てた ああでも見えるの 別々の道

aa..kimi no soba de, Ah..yume wo miteta aa..demo mieru no betsu betsu no michi

Ah, but next to you I saw a dream Ah, but what I saw was along a separate path.

時はいつか人を変えてゆく 想い告げる事も許されず いつも彷徨い続ける? このまま憂い残す季節そのままで

toki wa itsuka hito wo kaete yuku omoi tsugeru koto mo yurusarezu itsumo samayoi tsuzukeru? kono mama urei nokosu kisetsu sono mama de

Time sometimes changes people – unforgiving of the thoughts of others How long have I been wandering? Now in this season which leaves sadness behind,

なにを伝え続け見つめるの? 私取り残されてく

mani wo tsutae tsuzuke mitsumeruno? watashi tori nokosareteku

What have you tried to tell me, that I have been gazing at? You have left me behind.

「貴方は1人じゃないよ」 その言葉の意味今ならわかる 私は1人じゃないと 自分を操る運命 (さだめ) を見つめ

"anata wa hitori janai yo" sono kotoba no imi ima nara wakaru watashi wa hitori janai to jibun wo ayatsuru sadame wo mitsume

“You are not alone” I understand those words now They mean for me to find a fate that I control

ああ夢の中で ああ夢を見てた ああ今わかるの2人の気持ち

aa..yume no naka de, ah..yume wo miteta aa..ima wakaru no futari no kimochi

Ah- In the midst of a dream, I saw another Ah- I understand now, these are the feelings of two.

季節流れ私歩み出す 想い胸に秘めていつまでも きっとそれぞれの道をこれから 今はわかる強い意志を持つ 君と私別の道を行く 心交差したままで

kisetsu nagare watashi ayumi dasu omoi mune ni himete itsumade mo kitto sorezore no michi wo korekara ima wa wakaru tsuyoi ishi wo motsu kimi to watashi betsu no michi wo yuku kokoro kousa shita mama de

The seasons change and I keep walking. With these thoughts kept forever hidden in my heart, Surely now upon those various other paths, knowing now and holding a strong will I will walk a path apart from you, yet with our hearts overlapped.

夢は全て光り与えるの 想いいつもここに変わらずに 1人歩き続けてる今でも 残る笑顔それはひと時の 心揺れる事を隠してる いつか別の道歩む

yume wa subete hikari ataeru no omoi itsumo koko ni kowarazuni hitori aruki tsuzuketeru ima demo nokoru egao sore wa hito toki no kokoro yureru koto wo kakushiteru itsuka betsu no michi ayumu

My dreams are now all bathed in light. With my feelings forever unchanging, Now, though I walk a different path, I have your smile that you left me long before. Hiding the wavering in my heart, from time to time I tread a separate path.

Translated by Kafka-Fuura

Alternate translation by Amen