Lyrics: Deflation World

Deflation World by SOUND HOLIC
Featured in:
Scarlet Shooter

It's a maze into the place It's amazing to balance The World is just made from Time and Space... All of the World

God to lead the worship race Got to be the fastest pace The World never comes back to us after passed

(1) Silver knives around me No way to be alive They dig into my heart Listen to my shout to face the end?

Whisper voices in my head now tells me to say good-bye to all Just a moment saying a prayer "God...!!"

(2) Time and Space are so flexible We could never know tomorrow's fate I don't wanna go there, but it's just coming Someday we do face to face

Time and Space are reversible Winner's gonna make tomorrow's fail Forever is not into my feeling Everything is Fantasy

Beginning is too relaxed Living ease is foolish luck The World has made such a fragile dance... Rewrite the World

Time and Space, a maze in life Time and Space, amazing love The World's never moved as I wish and want yet

*repeat (1)(2)