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Lonely Rabbit by Alstroemeria Records
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Translator note: My first instinct was to translate 貴方のことを想うほど

心 ちぎれそうで as “The more I think about you, the more my heart feels torn apart” but I think that’s more suited for 想えば想うほど.
Original Romanized Translation

「いつまでもそばにいて」 言いかけて 言えなくて 叶わない約束は これ以上したくない

「itsu made mo soba ni ite」 ii kakete ienakute kanawanai yakusoku wa kore ijou shitakunai

“Stay forever by my side” I was about to say, but couldn’t I don’t want to make empty promises anymore

貴方のことを想うほど 心 ちぎれそうで

anata no koto o omou hodo kokoro chigiresou de

My heart feels torn apart enough that I think about you

虚しさ抱きしめて 大きな空を眺めていた 伝わらない想い この空に浮かんで消えていく

munashisa daki shimete ooki na sora o nagameteita tsutawaranai omoi kono sora ni ukande kiete yuku

Embracing the emptiness I gazed at the huge sky My feelings that won’t get through float in the sky and fade away

永遠なんてないよ そんなこと知ってるよ だからこそ一瞬が 掛け替えのないもので

eien nante nai yo sonna koto shitteru yo dakara koso isshun ga kakegae no nai mono de

There’s no such thing as eternity I know that which is why each moment is irreplaceable

貴方のことを想うほど 心 縺れていく

anata no koto o omou hodo kokoro motsurete yuku

My heart is entangled enough that I think about you

淋しさ抱きしめて 輝く月を眺めていた 貴方のその想い 私は理解っているから

sabishisa daki shimete kagayaku tsuki o nagameteita anata no sono omoi watashi wa wakatteiru kara

Embracing the loneliness I gazed at the shining moon I understand your feelings after all

Lyrics source: Translation by Amen