Lyrics: Solitude Children

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Solitude Children by Studio "Syrup Comfiture"
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Original Romanized Translation

大好きだったぬいぐるみ 変わらない笑顔でも 声が届かないのだから 離れてく

daisuki datta nuigurumi kawaranai egao demo koe ga todokanai no dakara hanareteku

Oh stuffed doll that I loved so dearly your smiling face is forever although because you’ll never carry a voice we’re drifting apart

いつもどこかで 聴いていてもう 飽きたのあなたの綺麗な音を奏でてる オルゴール

itsumo dokoka de kiiteite mou akita no anata no kirei na oto o kanadeteru orugooru

You’re always there somewhere listening in to that music box which has already got tired of playing it’s beautiful sound

この声が 一番に届くところへ行くわ ざわめきが遮る 歌声も 響かないそんな森の中では 眠らない

kono koe ga ichiban ni todoku tokoro e yuku wa zawameki ga saegiru utagoe mo hibikanai sonna mori no naka de wa nemuranai

This voice is heading towards the most common place to go where it’s overpowered by all the noise In that kind of forest where not even singing will last I won’t find sleep

ゆめは ゆめなら もうみないわ ゆめなど だれもみてない みらいなんて

yume wa yume nara mou minai wa yume nado daremo mitenai mirai nante

If dreams are just dreams then I will dream no more Such dreams as this future no one will look at

逆さまに呑まれる砂時計 戻らなくては意味なんてない 冷たくて 触れられない 痛みは私を裏切るから

sakasama ni nomareru sunadokei modoranakute wa imi nante nai tsumetakute furerarenai itami wa watashi o uragirukara

This flipped hourglass will be consumed There’s no such thing as a meaning in staying here It’s too cold, I can’t touch it Pain has betrayed me

動かない歩み止めた時計 廻る廻る時間なんてない 未来まで 縛り付ける 現実の狭間へ進むの 夢は今

ugokanai ayumitometa tokei mawaru mawaru jikan nante nai mirai made shibaritsukeru genjitsu no hazama e susumu no yume wa ima

The clock has stopped, it will not move or tick The spinning hands of time, that concept is no more I’ll restrain it until the far future because it advances toward the threshold of reality The time to dream is now

Translated by Amen