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Lyrics: Suwa Foughten Field

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Suwa Foughten Field by Alstroemeria Records
Featured in:
Original Romanized Translation

幻想のない大地の下で 人は神々を忘れていくわ

Gensou no nai daichi no moto de hito wa kamigami wo wasureteiku wa

Down upon a vast land bereft of illusion, humanity loses sight of their gods..


Gensou no chi de yomigaeru kara

But in this fantastic land I will be revived..

この身は背負う蛇の魂体に宿し 永遠にこの地に還るわ

Kono mi wa seou hebi no tamashii karada ni yadoshi eien ni kono chi ni kaeru wa

I will return to this land for eternity, carrying the soul of a snake housed in my body..

幻想 我息吹をこの大地の下から 何度でもそうよ何度でも

Gensou, ware ibuki wo kono daichi no modo kara nando demo sou yo, nando demo?

Illusion, I feel your breath rise from the earth, again and again..

何時が従わず逆らい続けるならば 慟哭をその身で味わえ

Nanji ga shitagawazu sakarai tsudukeru naraba doukoku wo sono mi de ajiwae

If they ever come to disobey, to oppose me, they shall know what it is to wail..

神々 渡り続ける地を荒らすのならば その体砕けてゆくから

Kamigami, watari tsudukeru chi wo arasu no naraba sono karada kudakete yuku kara

If they come to ravage this land the gods cross over, then I shall break them..

Translated by Kafka Fuura