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Lyrics: Sweets Time

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Sweets Time by SYNC.ART'S
Additional Info
  • A remixed version named Sweets Time Midnight was released in Crimson Glory (track 9).
  • An instrumental version of Sweets Time Midnight was released in Crimson Glory Remixies + (track 12).
Original Romanized Translation

リンゴと蜂蜜 紅茶のジャムはアプリコット 銀色のティースプーン 壁に放り投げた

Ringo to hachimitsu Koucha no jamu wa apurikotto Gin'iro no tiisupuun Kabe ni houri-nageta

Apples and honey. The jam in the tea is apricot. I threw the silver teaspoon against the wall.

早く遊ぼうよ 人形は何も喋らない 一つしか知らない 歌をうたってみるの

Hayaku asobou yo Ningyou wa nani mo shaberanai Hitotsu shika shiranai Uta wo utatte miru no

Hurry up, let's play. Dolls never say anything. They just try to sing the one song they know.

青い小鳥 籠から逃げて 雨に打たれて きれいにもげた羽根

Aoi kotori Kago kara nigete Ame ni utarete Kirei ni mogeta hane

The little bluebird escapes from its basket, Gets beaten in the rain and gets its wings torn cleanly off.

ねぇ 一緒にうたう? 新しい歌を教えてよ 誰も答えないの 誰も歌わない

Nee, issho ni utau? Atarashii uta wo oshiete yo Dare mo kotaenai no Dare mo utawanai

Come on, I'll sing with you. Teach me a new song. Nobody answers me. Nobody sings to me.

一つわけてあげる 甘くてとろけるチョコレイト おいしかったでしょう さぁ またうたいましょう

Hitotsu wakete ageru Amakute torokeru chokoreito Oishikatta desho? Saa, mata utaimashou

I'll give you a piece of sweet, melting chocolate. Wasn't it delicious? Come, let's sing again.

リンゴと蜂蜜 赤色と金色混ぜたなら 黒くなるのかしら お空と同じ色

Ringo to hachimitsu Aka-iro to kin-iro mazeta nara Kuroku naru no kashira Osora to onaji iro

Apples and honey. If I mix their red and gold, Will it turn black, The same color as the sky?

早く遊ぼうよ 人形は今日も喋らない 蜂蜜かけてあげる その紅いドレス

Hayaku asobou yo Ningyou wa kyou mo shaberanai Hachimitsu kakete ageru Sono akai doresu

Hurry up, let's play. The dolls still say nothing today. I'll sprinkle some honey on that red dress.

積み木で作った お城にひとつまた閉じこめる ねぇうたってほしいの うたって聞かせてよ

Tsumiki de tsukutta Oshiro ni hitori mata tojikomeru Nee, utatte hoshii no Utatte kikasete yo

I'll shut you up alone again in a castle built of toy blocks. Come on, I want you to sing. Let me hear you sing.

新しい紅茶 今度はオレンジママレード 銀色のティースプーン 壁に放り投げた

Atarashii koucha Kondo wa orenji mamareedo Gin-iro no tiisupuun Kabe ni houri-nageta

Here is some new tea, this time with orange marmalade. I threw the silver teaspoon against the wall.

Sung by Flandre (voiced by 3L) to her signature tune of "U.N. Owen Was Her?", this song is a lot more gruesome than it sounds on the surface, given the fact Flandre eats humans in the forms of pastries and something pleasant and Sakuya is seen, as well as heard, at the begining of the video[1], chopping what appears to be a human limb and screams and a little girl's laughter (likely Flandre's) is heard in the backgorund. According to at least one interpretation, the 'real' meaning of the words can be translated thusly:

  • Apples — Internal organs
  • Honey — Brains/spinal fluid
  • Tea — Blood (The characters actually read "red tea".)
  • Apricot jam — Hair/Reimu
  • Silver teaspoon — Skeletal remains
  • Dolls — Humans that have stopped breathing
  • Song — Scream (presumably before they stop breathing)
  • Little bluebird — "Doll" that's still breathing
  • Basket — Prison
  • Rain — Danmaku/Bullet hail
  • Wings — Limbs and skin
  • Melting chocolate — Flesh dripping with dark, venous blood
  • Mixing red apples and golden honey — Mashing organs and brains together
  • Sky — Prison ceiling
  • Sprinkle honey — Crack open a skull and sprinkle brains
  • Red dress — A dress red with fresh blood
  • Castle of toy blocks — Mountain of bones
  • Orange marmalade — A blonde magician/Marisa