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There are various traps located throughout the dungeons. Here are the list of the traps that can appear:

  • Patchouli (Explosion trap): Creates a huge explosion that destroys the eight surrounding squares around the victim as well as deplete the victim's HP to 1.
  • Yuyuko (Hunger trap): Depletes hunger gauge by 10.
  • Medicine (Poison trap): Lowers strength by 1.
  • Reisen (Illusion trap): For the next 20 moves the victim is put into an illusory state.
  • Yuugi (Degradation trap): Degrades the quality of either the player's equipped weapon or equipped shield.
  • Yorihime (Bind trap): Can't move for the next 10 turns.
  • Sakuya (Slow-down trap): Movement is slowed down for the next 10 turns.
  • Suika (Intoxication trap): Intoxicated state for the next 20 turns.
  • Cirno (Freeze trap): An item in possession is frozen (i.e. cannot be used for that floor of the dungeon unless player moves to the next floor or steps on a fire trap).
  • Aya (Gust of Wind): Dislocation to a random location in the same floor.
  • Alice (Forced Unarmed state): Player becomes unarmed.
  • Suwako (Decay trap): Any one waffle in possession other than those in a gap item degrades to a bad waffle.
  • Tewi (Pit trap): Forces the player to the next floor.
  • Kisume (Drop trap): Kisume falls on the player and delivers 5~10 damage (damage rate is fixed).
  • Meiling ()
  • Rinnosuke (Money trap): An item in possession is returned in money. Disappears after stepping on it once.
  • Mokou (Fire trap): Delivers 5~10 damage to the player as well as reduce the number of available uses of charms. Sometimes causes waffles to be burnt.
  • Gap (Gap trap): Lose an item. The lost item is scattered somewhere in the floor.
  • Komachi (Spawn trap): Spawn enemies in the floor.