Miyoi Okunoda

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奥野田 (おくのだ) 美宵 (みよい)
Miyoi Okunoda
TLE - Miyoi Okunoda.jpg
Miyoi Okunoda in Lotus Eaters
The Poster Girl of Geidontei, the Fantasy Pub
More Character Titles

Youkai (Zashiki-warashi)


Poster Girl


Geidontei, Human Village

Print Works

Miyoi Okunoda (奥野田 美宵 Okunoda Miyoi) is a Zashiki-warashi working at the Geidontei pub, and one of the main characters of Lotus Eaters.

General Information[edit]

Miyoi appears as a main character in Lotus Eaters along with Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame. She is a zashiki-warashi that resides in Geidontei and possessed the Ibuki Gourd to see the world outside of the bar, attempting parties all over the place.