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 Story   Reimu and Utsuho's Scenario
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 Sanae and Kanako's Scenario

「異変! 山の上の守矢神社に、天を貫く大樹現る!」

"Incident! A giant, sky-piercing tree appears at the mountaintop Moriya Shrine!"



It was the season of scattering cherry blossoms. Newspapers with a shocking headline danced through the sky of the village, together with the storm of cherry petals.

Fairies, tengu, and an umbrella monster who'd all been knocked down on the way there, and the all-but-exterminated gods of the Moriya Shrine--
That was the scene that Marisa Kirisame, the magician who'd flown to the mountain out of curiosity, saw.


Marisa "Yeesh, if it's this big, it's not gonna go too well with the flower viewin'..."

霊夢  「さあ、このどでかい樹は一体何のつもりなのか説明して貰うわよ」。

Reimu "All right, now. Tell me what on earth you're planning to do with this ginormous tree."



To calm the outrage of Reimu Hakurei, the shrine maiden from mountain's base, the Moriya Shrine's practising head god Kanako Yasaka began to explain.

The giant tree, she said, was a symbol of Gensokyo's new energy revolution.
This god was a visitor from the highly-civilized outside world, who treated technological innovation as a divine virtue.
Despite her behavior being an everyday thing by now, what she was saying was incomprehensible to Reimu and company.

 早苗  「これからの幻想郷にとっても、エネルギー問題は避けては通れない課題となるでしょう。

Sanae "Very soon, the problem of energy production will become an unavoidable crisis for Gensokyo.
In the outside world, though, the era where people thought it was fine to just produce huge amounts of energy without any planning has long since ended."


Marisa "That reminds me. You were sayin' the same thing at that summit meeting with the three major powers too, huh?"



Sanae Kochiya, a former human and modern goddess who also came from the outside world, spoke up as well.

From now on, it would be indispensable to create clean energy with no adverse affects on the environment, and to coexist with nature.
They had carried this giant tree over from somewhere to serve as a symbol of that.
They had been saying this and that about nuclear fusion until just the other day, but their story seemed far more egotistical than ecological.
And so, the new energy revolution proposed by the Moriyas would lead Gensokyo into the future...
With that wish in mind, they named the tree Doumeijuu (導命樹)-- the Life-Guiding Tree.
Unfortunately it wasn't Yomeishu[1].


Kanako "Additionally, for this plan, we will also invite a god over here to control the energy of this new era. Let me now introduce... huh?"

 早苗  「霊夢さんが殴り込んで来てドタバタしている間に、何処かへ行ってしまいましたが…」

Sanae "They headed off somewhere while Miss Reimu was barging in and making all that racket..."



It was in the next moment that the Life-Guiding Tree suddenly started to emit light.

It wasn't just light. An invisible power poured down on them, and everyone there inadvertantly fell to their knees.
In the far-off sky, the clouds around the tree distorted, and though the upper part of the Life-Guiding Tree couldn't be seen with the naked eye, a dim light could be seen shining down.

 霊夢  「これはどう言う事かしら? あんた達が連れて来た神様が悪さしているんじゃないの?」

Reimu "What do you say to this? The god that you all brought over here is causing mischief, aren't they?"


Marisa "Is this another Moriya Shrine conspiracy?!"



Kanako and Sanae looked embarassed for a moment, exchanged glances, and took off in the direction of the Life-Guiding Tree together.

The two incident-resolvers then followed after them, without any time to prepare.
On the way there, in order to shield themselves from the huge power emitted by the Life-Guiding Tree, they abducted two more people who had no idea what was happening;
the hell raven who happened to be at the nearby Underground Geyser Center, and the priest who happened to have arrived from the village after reading the newspaper.
After that, only a bewildered Suwako was left behind.

――導命樹上層。そこには眩いばかりの光が満ち溢れている。 ---The highest stratum of the Life-Guiding Tree. There, a dazzling light was overflowing.


It was a gorgeous light, like that of a stage where a diva in the outside world would stand. However, it also looked like the final light of a life that was burning out.

Doumeijuu-- the tree that guides life. Was it a coincidence or not that the Moriyas had given it that name?
While thinking about that, giving a subtle, forced smile, and descending onto that stage of light--

――「彼女」は歌を紡いだ。 --she wove a song.
幻想郷エネルギー革命、到来。だが過ぎた力は弾幕となり身を滅ぼす―― Gensokyo's energy revolution had arrived. However, in becoming danmaku, that excessive power would bring ruin upon itself--
  1. Yomeishu (養命酒) is a famous medicinal liquor.
 Story   Reimu and Utsuho's Scenario
 Marisa and Byakuren's Scenario
 Sanae and Kanako's Scenario