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| occupation  =[[Engineer]]
| occupation  =[[Engineer]]
| location    =[[Genbu Ravine]]
| location    =[[Genbu Ravine]]
| MusicThemes =*{{H:title|{{lang|ja|芥川龍之介の河童 ~}} Candid Friend|Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend}} ([[Mountain of Faith]])
| MusicThemes =*{{H:title|{{lang|ja|芥川龍之介の河童 ~}} Candid Friend|Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend}} ([[Mountain of Faith]], [[Hopeless Masquerade]])
| appOfficialgames =*[[Mountain of Faith]], (Stage 3 Midboss, Stage 3 Boss)
| appOfficialgames =*[[Mountain of Faith]], (Stage 3 Midboss, Stage 3 Boss)
*[[Subterranean Animism]] (Playable Partner)
*[[Subterranean Animism]] (Playable Partner)

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河城 (かわしろ)  にとり
Nitori Kawashiro
kawaɕiɺo nʲitoɾi (♫)
Kawasiro Nitori
Nitori Kawashiro
Nitori Kawashiro in Hopeless Masquerade
Super Youkai Warhead
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Manipulation of water




Genbu Ravine

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Nitori Kawashiro (河城 にとり Kawashiro Nitori) is a very shy Kappa who lives on the Youkai Mountain. She has the power to control water. Along with the other kappa she is very good with technical stuff, as she is an engineer. She first appeared as a stage 3 boss in Mountain of Faith and later became a playable partner with Marisa in Subterranean Animism. According to ZUN, there were also plans to make her a playable character in Touhou Hisoutensoku, but she was scrapped due to time constraints.

General Information[edit]


Nitori is a shy kappa by nature, and if she is alone and sees a human, she'll run away, like in Mountain of Faith. She considers herself to be superior to humans and even other youkai, and when she's by herself it's easy to see. However, when among her own circle of friends, she is quite cheerful. As a kappa, she is easily persuaded to leave you alone by a cucumber or two. However she has a greedy side when it comes to running a stand and is quick to come up with plots to maximize profit.


Her ability to manipulate water is inherent in the fact that she is a kappa, and has nothing to do with the myriad tools she uses. No one knows the true extent of this power, but she has been seen to use it to shoot water, create fountains, and perform other tricks.

Apparently her arms are connected inside her body as well, so she can retract one while extending the other, such as in one of her spellcards from Mountain of Faith. This would appear to be another commonality among kappa, but some speculate that this may be the effect of certain tools they use.


As she is an engineer she is very interested in products made by the humans of the outside world. She takes such products apart and puts them back together in order to understand them. However, she has trouble creating magical tools of any sort. She is fond of selling her inventions and other things such as Fish as her story mode in Hopeless Masquerade details her attempts at running a stand before getting sucked into the battle.


Nitori possesses many small devices and objects, and carries them all in her backpack.




Her full name is Nitori Kawashiro (河城 にとり). Kawashiro (河城) means "river() castle()". Nitori is in hiragana.

Her name might have originated from Ryuunosuke Akutagawa's novel Kappa the second chapter of which begins with the sentence 「そのうちにやっと気がついてみると、僕は仰向けに倒れたまま、大勢の河童にとり囲まれていました。」(Sono uchi ni yatto kigatsuite miru to, boku wa aomuke ni taoreta mama, oozei no kappa ni tori kakomarete imashita., "When at last I came 'round, I found myself lying on my back surrounded by a large number of kappas.") — from the translation by Seiichi Shiojiri.


Nitori has blue hair tied into twintails and blue eyes in Mountain of Faith. She wears a blue dress with lots of pockets around the hem of the skirt and her upper arm, and a dark aquamarine backpack with a golden key on the strap in front of her. She also wears a green hat with a white wispy symbol on it, blue wellington boots and carries a cattail. As an engineer she carries a lot of tools with her in the pockets.


Mountain of Faith

When she first sees the heroine, she immediately runs away. But later they fight. After the midboss fight she says her "optical camouflage suit" broke. The heroine doesn't know what it is. Nitori then says the heroine beat her up pretty good even with the camouflage. And then, again, runs away with the message that it is dangerous in the mountain.

When Reimu and Nitori meet again Nitori immediately starts about what she said in earlier, that it is dangerous. But Reimu thought she was in her way and want to go to the mountain to talk with the gods there. Nitori again warns her but Reimu has to go. Then Nitori starts to fight because that could work to make her go away. But she is defeated. Nitori couldn't believe it. Then she wants to tell something about the human and kappa being friends. So, Nitori let her pass to deal with the gods on the mountain.

Nitori also tells Marisa to not go any further. She says she hasn't met a human for ages, and thought she could have a little test with her camouflage suit. She again tells Marisa to go back, but Marisa says that you will get even more curious to go further if someone says stop. And she starts to fight to go further. And Nitori lost. Nitori tells about the human and kappa being friends for a long time. And she wants Marisa to deal with the new gods on the mountain, so she lets her pass.

In the end the kappa accepted the new gods of the mountain.

Subterranean Animism

During the events of Subterranean Animism, she is one of the kappa who hears from the God of the sky, Kanako Yasaka about the new power of nuclear fusion in the Underworld. However, they are unwilling to go there due to the oni living underground. Learning that Reimu is going underground to investigate, she convinces Marisa to explore there as well, since she doesn't seem to have anything better to do.


Marisa Kirisame

Nitori knows Marisa Kirisame. In the story of Subterranean Animism the kappa heard news about nuclear power and Nitori asked Marisa to investigate underground.


Obviously she is in a friendly relationship with the other kappa. With the other kappa they experiment and invent with new items. She is seen with the other kappa in Wild and Horned Hermit. It should be noted that Kappa are not that great at group projects so it's not likely that she'd work with them.


Humans aren't aware of it, but she states kappa are friends with humans. Nitori in particular is too shy to be with a human when by herself. Even so, Symposium of Post-mysticism states that as a kappa, if a human gets too close she'll remove their shirikodama, and the human will die. She can even use her extending arms (tsuuhai) to grab a person's legs from a distance and drag them in. Because of the conflicting information, it's not really known just how much of an "ally" the kappas are to humans.


Spell Cards[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

  • The Kappa in the series seem to be inspired by the Kappa in the above mentioned novel, where they have their own civilization as opposed to their bloodthirsty nature in folklore.
  • Nitori's "Optical Camouflage" spell cards may refer to another aspect of kappa that Akutagawa writes about: "But what is most remarkable about kappas is that, unlike human beings, they change colors according to their surroundings."
  • Her backpack resembles a tortoise shell. Isn't that fitting for a kappa?
  • Nitori is the only playable partner in Subterranean Animism who never appeared in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody; all the other partners, including Reimu's, did.
  • Nitori's last word in Hopeless Masquerade partially resembles Solid Snake's Final Smash from Super Smash Brothers Brawl.


  • As traditional depictions of kappa show a bald spot at the top of their heads, rumor has it that her hat is concealing that bald spot. However, ZUN discredited this rumor during a discussion on 2ch after Mountain of Faith was released.
  • Some fan works depict her carrying a Pepsi Ice Cucumber in place of the reed she normally has. (In Japanese folklore, kappas love cucumbers. This is also referenced by Nitori's "Monster Cucumber" spell card.)
    • She's also sometimes depicted wearing a school swimsuit under her dress.
  • One of the earliest fan-made vocal arrangements of Nitori's theme music (にとりの唄(), Nitori's Song (Moe)) has lyrics that translate as "Kappappa kappappa Nitori, you get more than you pay for with Nitori." The latter part is from the slogan of the Nitori store chain, and several doujinshi have made it into something of an unofficial slogan for her as well. A reference to "kappappa kappappa" subsequently appeared in Subterranean Animism.
  • It is speculated that Nitori is one of the kappa who helped Suwako in the construction of Hisoutensoku.
  • Aside from Rinnosuke and Yukari, Nitori is considered to be the most technologically advanced in the Touhou universe, often showing her capability to construct modern/futuristic weapons and machinery in fan works.
    • Even when Nitori does not appear in person, fanart often uses "NITORI" as a brand name on electronic equipment, such as Aya's camera.

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