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[[pl:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Eirin Yagokoro]]
[[pl:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Eirin Yagokoro]]
[[ru:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Эйрин Ягокоро]]
[[ru:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Эйрин Ягокоро]]
[[vi:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Yagokoro Eirin]]

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蓬莱の薬屋さん Hourai Pharmacist
八意 永琳 Eirin Yagokoro
職業: 薬師 Occupation: Pharmacist
能力: あらゆる薬を作る程度の能力 Ability: Creating any kind of medicine
住んでいる所: 永遠亭 Residence: Eientei
永遠亭で薬を作り、人間のみならず妖怪にも配ってまわる(*1)薬屋さんの主人である。 She is a master pharmacist that prepares medicine at the Eientei, and sells it (*1) to both human and youkai.
最近開業したばかりだ。 She has only recently started this business.
薬は、置き薬と買い薬に分かれ、置き薬は各家庭に薬箱を無料で配置し、季節の変わり目になると使用状況を確認しに来て、減った分だけの代金を取るというシステム。 Her medicines are divided into consigned and direct sale varieties. Consignment operates by distributing medicine boxes to each household, and at the turn of the season the usage is checked. Only the price of the consumed medicine is then charged.
ちょっとした怪我や風邪等を治す薬だ。 Those are medicines to heal light injuries, colds, etc.
買い薬は直截永遠亭で購入する薬で、長持ちしない薬や、重病を治す薬、特殊な用途に使う薬等である。 Direct sale medicines are purchased in-person at Eientei. There are ones such as short-lasting medicines, medicines for serious illnesses and medicines for special cases.
彼女が作る薬は、副作用が無い程度に適度に効くと評判である。 Her medicines have a reputation of working efficiently and without side-effects.
ただし、一つ注意が必要なのは、妖怪用の薬と人間用の薬は別物であるという事だ。 However, there is but a single warning. Medicines for youkai and for humans are very different.
妖怪用の薬は人間には効き過ぎて服用すると副作用でやられてしまう。 Medicine for youkai are too strong for humans and they will suffer from side-effects.
反対に、人間用の薬は妖怪には毒である。 On the other hand, medicines for humans are poisonous to youkai.
また、永遠亭まで行けば医者の代わりとなって診てくれる。 Also, if you go to Eientei, she can examine you just as a doctor would.
正体不明の病気でも特効薬を出してくれるという(*2)。 It's said that she can provide medicine even for unidentifiable diseases (*2).
性格 Personality
彼女は、薬の代金には執着しない。 She is not overly concerned with payment for her services.
薬の効果は高い上に良心的な値段で、さらに払えない場合はいつまでも支払いを待ってくれる。 Her medicines are not only very effective, but carry a fair price. Even if you can't pay immediately, she will wait however long it takes for the payment.
悪い所を診て貰おうと突然訪ねても、親切に診てくれる。 Even if you suddenly fall ill while poor, she will kindly examine you.
それも人間、妖怪問わずである。 And this is for both human and youkai.
最近になって突如現われ、人々の病気を治し始めたのだが、その目的が金銭的な物ではないとすると、何か裏がある気がしてくる。 The fact that she has appeared all of a sudden and started treating people's illnesses, and yet doesn't seem to be motivated by money, gives an impression that there's something else to her behavior.
一見親切な人間の様だが、その親切の目的が判らないと時に人間を不安に陥れてしまう。 She seems like a kind human at first impression, but since the reasons for her kindness are unknown, she sometimes makes people uneasy.
彼女はその典型的なパターンである。 She is a model person.
只より高い物はない。 But nothing is more expensive than something that's free.[1]
彼女の謎 Her Mysteries
永遠亭には謎が多いが、彼女はその中でも最も謎に包まれている。 There are a lot of mysteries about Eientei, but she is the most mysterious part of it.
何処で薬の知識を身に付けたのか、何故妖怪にも効く薬が作れるのか、薬屋を開業するまでは一体何をしていたのか、判らない事だらけである。 Where did she gain her knowledge about medicine? Why can she make medicine for youkai as well? What was she doing before opening her pharmacy business? And many more yet unanswered questions.
年齢も不詳で、一見若く見えるが、話し方や仕草等から永く生きてきた者特有の近寄り難さを醸し出している。 Her age is also unknown. Although she looks young at a first glance, her manner of speaking and behavior are characteristic of someone who has lived a long time, which only makes the question harder to ask.
さらに非常に博識だが、一般的な常識は持ち合わせていない。 And especially strange is that, even though she possesses extensive knowledge, she lacks more general common sense.
その事を彼女に訊くと、若返りの薬(*3)を作っているから肌もつやつや、とトンチンカンな答えが返ってきて話にならない。 If you ask her about this, she'll answer with an incoherent response like that her skin looks so smooth because she made a rejuvenating medicine (*3), and will not talk any more about it.
噂では月の都に関係の深い人間だと言われている。 Rumor has it that she is a human with a deep connection to the Lunar Capital.
永遠亭では月にちなんだ行事や人物が多いのも、兎が薬を配ってまわるのも、その噂を支持する憑拠の一つだ。 The fact that there are a lot of events and people associated with the moon at Eientei, and that rabbits are the ones that distribute the medicine seem to give support to this rumor.
彼女の持つ進んだ医学も、月の医学であるのならば不思議はない。 It wouldn't be strange if her advanced medicinal practice was the moon's medicinal science itself.
彼女は何らかの手段を持って、月の都の技術を手に入れた可能性がある。 There's a possibility that, through some way, she has obtained the technology from the Lunar Capital.
*1 有料。 配ってまわるのは本人ではなく、妖怪兎。 1: For a fee. She doesn't make the deliveries herself, the youkai rabbits do.
*2 尤も、迷いの竹林に入っても、永遠亭に辿り着けるとは限らない。 2: But then again, even if you go into the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, there is no guarantee that you'll reach Eientei.
*3 コラーゲンたっぷり。 3: Full of collagen.

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  1. An idiom about being suspicious of the motives of anything offering something as a favor.