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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Lily White

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PMiSS lily.jpg
春を運ぶ妖精 Fairy Herald of Spring
リリーホワイト Lilywhite [sic]
能力: 春が来た事を伝える程度の能力 Ability: Announcing the arrival of spring
危険度: 極低 Threat level: Very low
人間友好度: 高 Human friendship level: High
主な活動場所: 不定 Main place of activity: Varies
人間、妖怪、幽霊全てにおいて春になると、突然活動的になる者も少なくない。 When it is spring, humans, youkai and ghosts suddenly become more active. In fact, there are few who do not.
その象徴とも言われる妖精が、春を運ぶ妖精、リリーホワイトだ。 The fairy who symbolizes this activity is the fairy who bears spring, Lily White.
リリーホワイトは普通の人間が気付かない様な些細な変化を見つけ、冬の間中眠りについていた生き物(*1)達に、目覚めの季節が来た事を伝える。 Lily White notices the trivial changes that normal humans don't notice, and tells all living things(*1) that have been in deep hibernation during the winter that the season of awakening has come.
この妖精が通った後は、春の陽気に包まれる。 After the passing of this fairy, everything becomes wrapped in the joy of spring.
身長はかなり低く、薄い羽根を何枚も持つ(*2)。 Her height is quite low, and she has many thin wings(*2).
好戦的ではなく、たとえ出くわしても危険度は低い。 She is not aggressive, and even if you come across her, her threat level is low.
ただ、春を伝えている時に邪魔をするのは避けた方がよい。 However, disturbing her while she is conveying her message would not be wise.
この妖精が最も力を持っているときだからである。 This is when this fairy is at her strongest.
他の妖精と同じく、何処に住んでいるのか判らない。 Like other fairies, where she lives is unknown.
それに春以外の季節では見かける事すら少ない。 And she has rarely been seen during any season other than spring.
その為、リリーは春の季語となっている。 Because of that, Lily has become synonymous with the season of spring.
目撃報告例 Eyewitness Reports
・雪落ちて まだかまだかと 白の山 春告精の 跡探す道 (春の人) The snow falls
Is she here yet?
The white mountain
Searching for signs of
The Fairy Herald of Spring
(Spring Person)
この歌で言う春告精(はるつげせい)は、リリーホワイトの事である。 The Fairy Herald of Spring referred to in this poem is Lily White.
・いつも西からやってきて山(*3)に去って行くが、戻って来たのを見たためしがない。一体何処に住所があるのだろうか (多数報告あり) She always appears from the west and disappears toward the mountain(*3), but there is no instance in which she has been seen going back the other way. Where in the world does she live? (Reported by many sources)
山から戻ってこないので、毎年、山の妖怪に喰われて春を告げるのをやめるのかも知れない。 Perhaps the reason that she's never seen returning from the mountain is that, each year, she's eaten by the mountain youkai and stops announcing spring.
・子供が捕まえた。すぐに逃がせと言ってすぐに逃がした為か、幸い被害はなかった (匿名の親) My child caught her. Perhaps because she immediately said "Let me go!" and my child promptly let her go, there fortunately wasn't any damage. (Anonymous Parent)
この妖精は人間に害を与えるような者ではないが、人外の者には、基本的に手を出さない方が無難である。 This fairy isn't the sort that would usually injure humans, but it's generally safer not to get involved with non-humans.
対策 Countermeasures
こちらから手を出さなければ特に危険はない。 If you don't do anything to her, there's no real danger.
むしろその姿を見かけることは吉兆である。 In fact, catching sight of her is a good omen.
素直に、春が来た事を喜びたい。 She simply wants to celebrate the fact that spring has come.
もし、攻撃を仕掛けてきた場合、興奮している可能性がある為、その場を離れた方がよい。 If she happens to attack, it's possible that she's just excited, so the best course of action is to leave the area.
この妖精は、今まさに春になろうとしている場所から離れることができない。 This fairy won't be able to leave any place that is turning to spring.
こちらが退けば追ってくる心配は無いだろう。 If you get away from her, there's no need to worry that she might chase after you.
反対に、餌を与えたりして手懐けるのも面白い。 In fact, it could be interesting to set out bait in order to tame her.
花の種を用意しておくと、喜んで辺りに花を咲かせるだろう。 If you prepare some flower seeds for her, she'll gladly make any nearby flowers bloom.
それもあってか、街の花屋さんに大人気の妖精である。 Because of this, she's a fairy who's very popular with florists.
*1 幽霊や亡霊も含む。 1: Including phantoms and ghosts.
*2 透けて見える薄い鳥の羽根の様な物を大量に付けているだけで、実際は大きな二つの羽根である。 2: It may appear that she has a great number of thin, bird-like wings, but in fact, she has two large wings.
*3 妖怪の山、後述。 3: Youkai Mountain. Mentioned later.

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