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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Misty Lake

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PMiSS mistylake.jpg
霧の湖 Misty Lake
危険度: 中 Threat level: Medium
遭遇する妖怪: 妖精や湖に住む妖怪、紅魔館に住む妖怪 Encounterable youkai: Fairies and youkai living by the lake, the youkai of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
妖怪の山の麓、普段は人が寄りつかない場所に大きな湖がある。 At the foot of Youkai Mountain, where humans don't usually go near, there is a big lake.
この湖の辺りは昼間になると霧で包まれており、視界は悪い。 The surroundings of this lake are shrouded in mist at noon, so visibility is poor.
湖には妖精や妖怪が集まりやすく、特に夏は水場を求めて多くの妖怪が集まる。 Near the lake fairies and youkai often gather, and, especially in summer, youkai gather there in search of a watering hole.
何故昼間だけ霧が出やすいのかはよく判っていない。 It is not clearly understood why it tends to be foggy just at noontime.
視界不良の為、湖はとてつもなく大きく見えるが、実はそんなに大きくないと思われる。 Since the visibility is so bad, the lake seems unbelievably huge, but it is actually believed to be not that big.
一周歩いて回っても半刻(*8)も掛からない。 Walking around the whole lake once would not even take half of a koku[1] (*8).
またこの湖は、新月の夜に怪物級の大型魚(*9)がごく稀に釣れる事でも有名である。 The lake is also famous for monstrously large fish (*9) that are caught on extremely rare occasions on nights of the new moon.
その怪物魚を釣る事を夢見て多くの太公望達が釣りに出掛けるのである(*10)。 There are many anglers that cast their lines here, dreaming of catching a whopper (*10).
湖に流れ込む川は、妖怪の山から流れてくる。 The river flowing into the lake flows from Youkai Mountain.
ごく稀に河童が流れてくる事もあると言う。 It is said that kappa will drift into the lake rarely as well.
それを見ると心が和む。 Such sight would surely calm one's mind.
*8 一時間程度 8: About an hour.
*9 二~五尋程度の長さの鯉の様な魚と言われている。文献に残る最大の物で十尋と言われているが、それは言い過ぎではないか。 9: It is said to be a carp-like fish 2 to 5 fathoms in length. The largest one in the written records is said to have been 10 fathoms, but that must be an exaggeration.
*10 その殆どが夢破れるか、自分が妖怪に釣られる事となる。 10: Most of them either have their dreams broken or end up being caught by youkai themselves.


  1. An archaic unit of time. A day was divided into 12 "時" intervals (2 hours), so "半刻" (lit: half piece) is equivalent to one modern hour.

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