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m (More accurate translation, since (of course) those who aren't yet dead find themselves on the road and reconsider suicide (and that's how the line is written in Japanese).)
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[[pl:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Droga Przemyśleń]]
[[pl:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Droga Przemyśleń]]
[[ru:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Тропа раздумий]]
[[ru:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Тропа раздумий]]
[[vi:Perfect Memento in Strict Sense/Tái Tư Đạo]]

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再思の道 Road of Reconsideration
危険度: 高 Threat level: High
遭遇する妖怪: 幽霊、亡霊他 Encounterable youkai: Phantoms, ghosts, etc.
魔法の森を通り越してさらに裏に存在する小さな道。 A small road can be found by going through and beyond the Forest of Magic.
この道を進むと無縁塚に辿り着く。 Proceed along this road, and one would arrive at Muenzuka.
秋になると道は彼岸花で埋め尽くされ、真っ赤に染まる。 When autumn comes around, the road becomes completely covered with higan flowers, dyeing the road a deep red.
無縁塚は縁者の居ない者の墓地であるが、外の世界の自ら命を絶つ者が、ふらりと迷い込んでしまう事が多い場所でもある。 Muenzuka is the graveyard for those without relatives and those who committed suicide in the outside world; many end up at this place after wandering aimlessly.
この辺は、幻想郷の端の端であり人間は近寄らず、いつの間にか外の世界と繋がりやすい場所となっている(*37)。 This area is a place where even the humans living on the furthest outskirts of Gensokyo never approach, for the strong connection between that and the outside world can create openings at any time (*37).
自ら命を絶とうとする人間が、彼岸花が咲いたこの道を歩きその毒が体に回ると、不思議な事に不快さと同時に生きる気力が湧いてくる。 As those who've considered suicide walk along this path when it is covered with higan flowers, the toxins will swirl around their bodies, and then something wondrous yet unpleasant takes place: their will to survive will become rejuvenated.
そして、もう一度頑張る為に今来た道を引き返す。 And then, deciding to try once more, they will turn and retrace their steps.
だからこの道は再思の道と呼ばれる様になった。 This is why this road has been called the "Road of Reconsideration."
また、この道では外の世界の人間に出会う可能性も高い。 Once again, this road is a place where encountering a human from the outside world is very likely.
その為、意地の悪い妖怪が食事の為に待ちかまえる事もある。 Because of this, there are also nasty youkai who lie in wait, hoping for a meal.
折角思い直して再び頑張ろうと思った矢先に、妖怪に攫われてしまっては報われない(*38)。 After going through the trouble of enduring the struggles of reconsideration, and just when thinking about once again trying their best, being preyed upon by a youkai is no suitable repayment or reward (*38).
*37 冥界とも繋がりやすく、ここは結界の交点となっている。 37: Connections to the netherworld are also easily created here, as this is a place where several barriers overlap and intersect.
*38 妖怪は、落ち込んでいる者や、恨みを抱く者、犯罪者等が大好物。ここにはそんな人間も多くやってくる。 38: Depressed people, spiteful people bearing grudges, criminals and the like are the favorite food of youkai. There are plenty of those kinds of people here.

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