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Road of Reconsideration

危険度: 高

Threat Level: High

遭遇する妖怪: 幽霊、亡霊他

Encounterable Youkai: Ghosts, Spirits etc.


Going past the Forest of Magic and then further, one will come to a small hidden road.


If one were to proceed along this road, then after overcoming some difficulties, one will eventually reach Muenzuka.


When autumn comes around, the road becomes completely covered with Higan Flowers, dyeing the road a bright red.


Muenzuka is a graveyard for those without relatives and those who committed suicide in the outside world, a place where there's a great deal of aimless wandering and many who've lost their way.


This area is a place where even the humans living on the furthest outskirts of Gensokyo never approach, as before one is aware of it, it can become place where a connection can easily be made to the outside world(*37).


As those who've committed suicide walk along this path when it is covered with Higan Flowers, the toxins will swirl around their bodies, something wondrous yet unpleasant takes place, in that their will to survive will swell and surge.


And thus, for the sake of pushing onwards once more, they will turn and retrace their steps.


This is why this road has been called the "Road of Reconsideration".


Once again, this road is a place where encountering a human from the outside world is very likely.


Because of this, there are also nasty youkai who lie in wait, hoping for a meal.


To have gone to the trouble of enduring the struggles of reconsideration, and just when one is thinking about maybe once again trying their best, being carried away and finished off by a youkai is no kind of repayment or reward(*38).

*37 冥界とも繋がりやすく、ここは結界の交点となっている。

37: Connections to the realms of the dead are also easily established here, as this is a place where several barriers overlap and intersect.

*38 妖怪は、落ち込んでいる者や、恨みを抱く者、犯罪者等が大好物。ここにはそんな人間も多くやってくる。

38: Depressed people, spiteful people bearing grudges, and criminals, etc. are the favorite foods of youkai. Here there are plenty of those kinds of people.