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Personal Memo on Youki

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Original text

  魂魄 妖忌について

 ZUN氏に魂魄 妖忌というキャラについて質問した所、以下の回答をいただきました。
 お忙しいところ、本当に有難うございました。  以下、ZUN氏による回答(転載許可済み)









  Concerning Youki Konpaku

 Upon questioning ZUN concerning Youki Konpaku, I received the following reply.
 As he was busy, I am really thankful. Below is ZUN's reply (with permission to publish)


 Youki Konpaku is kinda like a stubborn (?) old man.
 He's Youmu's old man, but also her sword master.

 He isn't a sweet old man, but rather is someone difficult to approach and carries an air of dignity,
 being the ever-reliable retainer serving as the guard of the Saigyouji household.
 However, in Yuyuko's case she seemed to have had difficulty relying on Youki.

 Though he was Youmu's master, his methods were of stealing whatever technique he could learn,
 and he did not teach anything from his mouth. If he did say anything his voice exploded like thunder.

 Now that Youmu has taken over role of guard, she has become a very reliable to the point of becoming
 protector of the inner garden, but the atmosphere of the Saigyouji household has changed greatly.

 After all, the Saigyouji household seems to no longer need an old-fashioned guard anymore.

 It's that kind of feeling.

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