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Play, Doujin! is a doujin game distribution platform on Sony PlayStation's PlayStation Network service. The project was first announced September 1, 2014, as a collaboration between ZUN's Touhou Project and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA), which will allow the distribution of Touhou Project fangames and other Touhou content such as PlayStation system themes on PSN. Other doujin properties have also been released on Play, Doujin. The first mainline Touhou Project games on the service was Urban Legend in Limbo, which was announced in February 2016.

The first game, Genso Rondo, was released June 11, 2015.


Title Developer Genre Platform Release Site Notes
Genso Rondo
(幻想の輪舞, lit. "Circular Dance of Illusion")
(Internationally known as "Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet")
CUBETYPE 3D Fighting PlayStation 4 2015-06-11 PD!
Genso Rondo HD remaster
Genso Wanderer
(不思議の幻想郷 -THE TOWER OF DESIRE-, lit. "Mystery Gensokyo")
(Internationally known as "Touhou Genso Wanderer")
AQUA STYLE RPG PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows 2015-06-25 PD!
Fushigi no Gensokyo 3 PLUS expanded port
Touhou Soujinengi V
(東方蒼神縁起 V, lit. "Blue God Omen")
Strawberry Bose RPG PlayStation Vita 2016-04-28 PD!
The Genius of Sappheiros port
Touhou Sky Arena -MATSURI- CLIMAX
Area-ZERO 3D Fighting PlayStation 4, PLayStation Vita 2017-09-14 PD!
Touhou Sky Arena -MATSURI- enhanced port
Maihana Soumakyou: Uniting Barrage Action
(舞華蒼魔鏡 Uniting Barrage Action)
(Internationally known as "Touhou Azure Reflections")
souvenir circ. Horizontal Danmaku Shooting Game PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch 2018-01-25 PD!
Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower
Desunoya Puzzle PlayStation 4 2016-11-18 PD!
Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower port
Touhou Koukishin: Adventures of scarlet curiosity
(東方紅輝心 Adventures of scarlet curiosity)
(Internationally known as "Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity")
Ankake Spa RPG PlayStation 4 2016-02-10 PD!
Touhou Koukishin: Adventures of scarlet curiosity enhanced port
Double Focus -Aya and Momiji Bullet Coverage Travelogue-
(ダブルフォーカス -文と椛の弾丸取材紀行-)
(Internationally known as "Touhou Double Focus")
AQUA STYLE Action Adventure PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 2016-01-28 PD!
Double Focus -Aya and Momiji Bullet Coverage Travelogue- port
Touhou Koubutou V
(東方紅舞闘 V, lit. "Red Dance")
(Internationally known as "Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle")
CUBETYPE 3D Fighting PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation VR and Nintendo Switch 2016-11-03 PD!
Touhou Koubutou HD remaster
Urban Legend in Limbo
(東方深秘録 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo)
Team Shanghai Alice
Twilight Frontier
2D Fighting PlayStation 4 2016-12-08


Urban Legend in Limbo port with exclusive features


The project was first announced as ZUN x PlayStation in a video on September 1, 2014 at a Sony press conference held before Tokyo Game Show 2014. They subsequently announced the project on Twitter.

In the initial video, AQUA STYLE's Fushigi no Gensokyo 3, Strawberry Bose's The Genius of Sappheiros, and Area-ZERO's Touhou Sky Arena -MATSURI- were shown as the first three games.

The official name was revealed as Play, Doujin! on December 18, 2014 on Famitsu. Genso Rondo by CUBETYPE was announced on the same day.

Along with announcing that the games would be shown at Reitaisai 12, Maihana Soumakyou ~ Uniting Barrage Action was announced as the next game. At Reitaisai, Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower was announced.

The first official Touhou game, Urban Legend in Limbo, was announced for PlayStation 4 on February 27, 2016.


  • Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle is the first Touhou game to be released outside of Play, Doujin!'s platform due to being released on Nintendo Switch.
  • Mystery Gensokyo -The Tower of Desire- is the only Touhou fangame that is part of Play, Doujin! to be ported again to it's original platform.

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