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Perfect Cherry Blossom[edit]


Replay - 759,875,740 - ReimuB - C - 0.415% slow

This was done a while ago. I should try again sometime.


Replay - 852,149,400 - ReimuB - C - 0.266%

PCB Extra and Phantasm are currently the only stages that I've really tried to score run. Yay dying in the last 5-10 seconds of this stage.


Replay - 1,057,358,440 - ReimuB - C - 0.197%

And again! (¬_¬)b

Imperishable Night[edit]


Replay - 1,950,259,200 - Youmu - Cb - 0.347%

I was actually really pissed when I was doing this run and was aggressive to the point of recklessness. Amazingly, I got a fairly good score out of it.


Replay - 2,348,193,380 - Youmu & Yuyuko - Cb - 0.517%

First 1cc Hard. Stage 5 mauls me for thinking it's not worth playing in practice mode >_<

Last Word[edit]

Replay - Spell Card 212

Mokou's Last Word... cleared due to sheer, dumb luck. I simply froze in horror in exactly the right places, repeatedly.

Shoot the Bullet[edit]

Stage 10-8 replay - 4,828,000 - 0%

So ZUN likes Aya so much that he made a Touhou game that revolves entirely around her, and also made her stage so that it's possible to get far higher scores there than in any other stage in the game. As far as I can tell, anyway.

Stage EX-2 replay - 344,240 - 0%

Just a clear this time without regard for score. Flandre scares me.