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Rather than needlessly clutter this page with personal high scores I'll just list some runs that are special to me in some way.

Perfect Cherry Blossom[edit]


1,007,946,840 - Marisa A - C - 0.305% - Replay

First run to break one billion, and it wasn't even a goal in mind at the time. There have been other personal runs to top ten digits by a closer margin, but what makes this memorable is what happened at the end which pushed me over. Wasn't the border or spell bonus (did I even get it?) either, but the border did play a role at the very last second.

332,976,420 - Reimu B - 0.342% - Replay

Stage four score attack. A lot of room to move up but this is fine for now, the original goal being 300M. Ending with 4,414 graze and 662 point items.


1,236,216,780 - Reimu B - C - 0.536% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. Underwhelmingly easy compared to attempting this on the other games. Only possible trouble spot was Youmu's last spell and, to a lesser extent, Yuyuko's penultimate spell. And I guess Resurrection Butterfly because by that point you have the pressure of a perfect run riding on your shoulders. Well, in the case of this run you can add the last two spells for the Prismriver Sisters and Yuyuko's third noncard in light of bad judgment. Miscount at the beginning of stage six cost a lot of points, too.

387,050,670 - Reimu B - 0.299% - Replay

Stage six score attack. 400M is easily attainable, but no motivation at the moment.


1,480,759,870 - Reimu B - C - 0.615% - Replay

No-focus run.


471,978,790 - Reimu B - C - 0.024% - Replay

First Extra clear of any game. Completion dated 2008/09/27, 11 days after the first Easy 1CC. I wish I saved more early runs to see myself fumbling around back then.

Subterranean Animism[edit]


Reimu-A - 0.020% - Replay

No-miss pacifist run of stage six. I have a small urge to redo it and take on Blazing Wheel without sticking to the bottom. Fancy points, yes please!


707,407,580 - Reimu-A - C - 0.080% - Replay

Scoring attempt turned into no-bomb run halfway through stage one. A max lives clear was in reach until an unfortunate turn of events with Utsuho's second spell card.

Undefined Fantastic Object[edit]


156,091,270 - Sanae B - C - 0.070% - Replay

11 months later and I'm still being crushed by Extra. Thankfully, my twitch dodging skills improved slightly over the months and it didn't take nearly as many attempts to clear as PCB's Extra (21 versus 176). That and fewer trick-based spells. Ended as it should — no lives, no bombs, last stand. I thought the music fit quite well, both spells and certain deaths.


Cover up the screen above your starting point (touching the top of the character's head). You cannot see or enter that part of the screen with the hitbox.

Perfect Cherry Blossom - Easy

??? - Reimu B - C - ??? - Replay

Hmm, can't locate the replay anywhere. Wasn't too special, all I can say was I had bad reflexes. I didn't stand half a chance against Resurrection Butterfly.