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Rather than needlessly clutter this page with personal high scores I'll just list some runs that are special to me in some way (or not).

Perfect Cherry Blossom[edit]


1,007,946,840 - Marisa A - C - 0.305% - Replay

First run to break one billion, and it wasn't even a goal in mind at the time. There have been other personal runs to top ten digits by a closer margin, but what makes this memorable is what happened at the end which pushed me over. Wasn't the border or spell bonus (did I even get it?) either, but the border did play a role at the very last second.

Stage Four

332,976,420 - Reimu B - 0.342% - Replay

Score attack. A lot of room to move up but this is fine for now, the original goal being 300M. Ending with 4,414 graze and 662 point items.

Stage Six

401,010,810 - Reimu B - 0.289% - Replay

Score attack. Method for this version of Deadly Dance needs to change, more familiarity needed for Flowery Soul, and Repository of Hirokawa needs to be done in two sections instead of three. One miss on Sumizome Perfect Blossom.


1,354,824,510 - Reimu B - C - 0.569% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. Achievement-wise it is no different from the old run, but it is new and improved through the addition of a few extra risks. Looks smoother overall.

Stage Six

413,012,070 - Reimu B - 0.333% - Replay

Score attack. 420M to be done with Sakuya B. One day.


1,347,157,520 - Reimu B - C - 0.398% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / four broken borders, two of them for very silly reasons. Newer runs have been made with as little as one mistake or full spell captures, but this is so far the only no-miss attempt.

Stage Six

447,890,360 - Reimu B - 0.277% - Replay

Score attack. Few million short of the next benchmark? Get Sakuya B to do everything. Very exhilarating to rush for the POC during Resurrection Butterfly, but I'm glad you only have to do it a third as often in a full run to get the border started.


972,510,830 - Reimu B - C - 0.263% - Replay

First Lunatic clear, dated 2008/12/28. Building up to this run were PCB story clears of each difficulty that happened to be one month apart. Not wanting to break the pattern I began 1CC attempts the day it should have been done but wasn't successful until two days later. Only then did I realize I was ten days late to begin with. Began submitting runs with this accomplishment to start it, and so scorerunning really kicked off.

1,751,966,160 - Reimu B - C - 0.504% - Replay

Run with emphasis on spell capture, collecting every spell except for Maiden's Bunraku and Hell God Sword. The rest of the game was a mix of basic scoring habits, experimentation, and general foolery. First time trying out the supergraze method for the beginning of stage four, missing out on a large amount of graze for the first border and breaking the second one at the incorrect time. Nonetheless, it was an eye-opening experience and I've made sure to never purposely miss out on it again for any future run.

Stage Four

309,561,410 - Reimu B - 0.352% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. A little run that popped out during the quest to accomplish two things: figure out Lily White's aimed attacks and time out Concerto Grosso should I die to it. By now the first goal is just about down and I've come to the conclusion that the latter half of Concerto Grosso isn't as bad as the part coming up to the halfway point. That is, with the faster spin the attack remains consistently moderately difficult but without any of the wall-in clusters requiring foresight beyond my current capability.

322,778,380 - Marisa A - 0.350% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / no broken borders.

307,864,480 - Marisa B - 0.659% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. Slightly different plan used in handling the bonus enemy waves following Lily White.

324,386,720 - Reimu B - 0.400% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. Lunasa as the sister of choice for the second spell card, making it a full Lunasa battle. Both Marisa runs are already full Lyrica battles for obvious reasons.

357,063,480 - Sakuya B - 0.496% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. Full Merlin battle.

30,633,390 - Marisa A - 0.360% - Replay

Two-miss pacifist run.

Stage Six

317,899,290 - Reimu B - 0.228% - Replay

Yuyuko battle only, no deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. Again, a nice treat on the side while refining the technique. This is when I finally get around to learning the bare minimum for all the waves of Youmu's spell, as well as GOAST KNIVES. I do feel that I've lost something upon conquering that noncard.

220,898,900 - Sakuya B - 0.217% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. Attempted to copy HS参謀's shot angle as seen in his no-bomb run against the stage six bullet spam.

238,123,240 - Reimu B - 0.279% - Replay

No deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. Not too long ago the idea of putting up with the bullet swarms to perfect this stage would have been ludicrous to me, but at this point in practice it's common to expect perfect Yuyuko battles, so only the beginning hurdle remains. No struggling with restarts, happened on chance one day. A bit of a close call with Deadly Dance.

256,334,260 - Reimu A - 0.281% - Replay

Another no deaths / no bombs / no broken borders. Homing helps out with the struggle at the beginning, no surprise there. Sumizome Perfect Blossom performance still needs adjusting.


471,978,790 - Reimu B - C - 0.024% - Replay

First Extra clear of any game. Completion dated 2008/09/27, 11 days after the first Easy 1CC. I wish I saved more early runs to see myself fumbling around back then.

Imperishable Night[edit]


Stage Three

39,090,910 - Reimu & Yukari - 0.318% - Replay

One-miss pacifist run. Complete fluke but with some actual planning it could be a common achievement, possibly pushing down to no-miss.

Subterranean Animism[edit]


Stage Six

15,002,860 - Reimu-A - 0.020% - Replay

No-miss pacifist run. I have a small urge to redo it and take on Blazing Wheel without sticking to the bottom. Fancy points, yes please!


707,407,580 - Reimu-A - C - 0.080% - Replay

Scoring attempt turned into no-bomb run halfway through stage one. A max lives clear was in reach until an unfortunate turn of events with Utsuho's second spell card.

Undefined Fantastic Object[edit]


156,091,270 - Sanae B - C - 0.070% - Replay

11 months later and I'm still being crushed by Extra. Thankfully, my twitch dodging skills improved slightly over the months and it didn't take nearly as many attempts to clear as PCB's Extra (21 versus 176). That and fewer trick-based spells. Ended as it should — no lives, no bombs, last stand. I thought the music fit quite well, both spells and certain deaths.


Cover up the screen above your starting point (touching the top of the character's head). You cannot see or enter that part of the screen with the hitbox.

Imperishable Night - Easy[edit]

782,565,060 - Reimu & Yukari - C - 0.205% - Replay

Not a personally special run, really. Speeding stage one background made things appear a lot worse than they should have been.