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I don't particularly care about score, so most of my replays are not anything flashy scorewise. However, I do care about survival and card capturing, and I believe that those are far more important indicators of skill.I also seemed to have developed a penchant for no focus runs lately.

Also, I have added the date of each replay (which roughly corresponds to when I uploaded them) in an attempt to make the comments make just a little more sense.

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil[edit]


Replay - 95,527,330 - MarisaA - C - 0.126% - My first EoSD Extra clear, and also the scrubbiest EoSD Extra clear on the face of the planet. I don't even break 100 million points when all is said and done. Uploaded because I find scrubby replays of Extra stages far more useful than score replays in getting myself through Extra stages for the first time. 07/31/06

Replay - 119,968,550 - ReimuB - C - 0.118% - A no focus run. This was far more difficult than I thought it would be; no focus Phantasm was nothing compared to this. I pull off some really amazing stuff in this replay, most of which is counterbalanced by really hilarious deaths strewn throughout. 11/11/06

Replay - 210,080,200 - MarisaA - C - 0.188% - This run is the very definition of pain. Watch as I capture every single spell card, and then run into a random easily avoided bullet during QED. No bombs either, although there is a random death on the stage that is kind of ugly but fairly meaningless. 01/30/07

Replay - 219,052,140 - MarisaA - C - 0.143% - My new highest score. I'm pretty out of practice on this stage, and it shows. However, my general increase in skill kicks in to get me out of some truly terrible perils that lack of practice got me in to. Also features a QED capture, which may give me incentive to never beat this score. 07/16/07

Sometimes the replay doesn't save - 243,001,220 - MarisaA - C - 0.15% - I finally managed to get a perfect run at the EoSD Extra stage. No deaths, no bombs, all spell cards captured. Too bad the replay didn't save ;_;. 04/24/08


Replay - 117,879,370 - MarisaA - C - 0.385% - Words cannot describe the sheer elation I felt upon successfully completing this. This is the culmination of several weeks of intense work and planning for every aspect of every stage of this game on Lunatic. All that was left after that was a run in which everything went as planned, which is of course infinitely easier said than done, and took many, many tries. I almost blew it a couple of times in stage six, but I somehow pull it through in the end. 09/06/06

Replay - 125,330,190 - ReimuA - C - 0.333% - No focus. I initially tried this with ReimuB, but encountered difficulties. I tried again with ReimuA, and her powerful bomb makes a huge difference, and convinced me that a no focus run was indeed possible. This is a really incredible run in pretty much every way - everything fell into place perfectly right from the start, and I pull off some amazing dodging throughout the entire thing. I can still hardly believe the Sakuya battle. If you watch only one of my replays, make it this one. 05/15/07

Perfect Cherry Blossom[edit]


Replay - 414,662,130 - MarisaA - C - 0.151% - My first Extra clear of any kind. Uploaded for the same reason as my scrubby EoSD Extra replay. Notable for a perfect stage run, in which I do not bomb or die before getting to Ran. 07/19/06

Replay - 415,998,400 - ReimuB - C - 0.094% - A no focus Extra clear. Not really as difficult as I thought it would be. I screw up and focus for about half a second during Kokkuri-san's Contract, but it doesn't help me in the slightest (I also die BEYOND HORRIBLY on this card since I do not know ReimuB's route). Descent of Izuna Gongen with no focus and no extra lives is intimidating, to say the least. 11/06/06


Replay - 543,656,930 - MarisaA - C - 0.064 - Likewise, my first Phantasm clear. Uploaded for the same reason. Once again, it is notable for having a perfect stage run - I manage not to bomb or die before getting to Yukari. 07/27/06

Replay - 881,264,710 - MarisaA - C - 0.212% - My best Phantasm score, with eleven cards captured, only one bomb used, and two inane deaths on Yukari due to some rather embarrassing mistakes. Would have had close to a billion (maybe more?) had I properly milked Butterfly in the Zen Temple for points and border cheesed past Double Death Butterfly successfully. 09/18/06

Replay - 569,618,970 - ReimuB - C - 0.116% - A no focus run to go with my no focus Extra clear. It's not very pretty, since I just plowed through the stage and accepted random deaths with my only goal being a clear. I really can't stand Reimu's speed on the stage portion, but it saves my life against Yukari. 11/07/06


Replay - 597,633,390 - ReimuB - C - 0.232% - No focus. I've been meaning to do this for a while. I didn't expect to even come close this run, so I set starting lives to five. I finished the run with four lives left in stock, so I still count it as a default lives 1cc :p. Could have done a lot better too, as several of my deaths were to really, really stupid things (hi stage two start). 05/07/07


Replay - 605,590,160 - MarisaA - C - 0.463% - Like my IN Lunatic 1cc, this is an incredibly messy run, but then again I have spent far less time with this game than I have with IN or EoSD. Still, I find it far more difficult to be consistent on the stages in this game than I do with the stages in either of the others. I get noticably antsy against a couple of Youmu and Yuyu's attacks, but I think my extreme caution at those points was for the best. 11/03/06

Replay - Stage 5 - MarisaA - C - A practice run of Lunatic stage five notable for a perfect Youmu battle - no bombs, no borders broken, and all spell cards captured. Try to ignore the death at the beginning of the stage >_>. 09/22/07

Imperishable Night[edit]


Replay - 1,979,779,430 - Sakuya+Remilia - C - 0.064% - My best Extra run that I manage to cap with an Imperishable Shooting capture. 12 cards captured in total, and no deaths. I was also actively going for score, which is quite the rarity for me. 02/21/07

Replay - 2,089,326,950 - Sakuya+Remilia - C - 0.064% - My highest score on the Extra stage. 13 cards captured, and only one bomb used. Would have beaten J Lau's score if I hadn't of had that really stupid death. This run was basically my breaking point on this stage - unfocusing at the end of the death fairy is really stupidly difficult after getting the rest of the stage perfect, and I couldn't stand to pull it off again. I doubt I will ever come back to this stage for pure scoring. 02/24/07

Replay - 1,264,111,210 - Yukari Solo - C - 0.000% - No focus. I've done this stage several times before no focus - it really isn't very difficult to simply clear the stage, even when handicapped. However, I have never quite done it like this. 10 cards captured (really should have been 11, you will see why), and I only die twice, including one silly death in the stage portion. And I think I got farther on Imperishable Shooting than GIL did in his no focus run - for half a second I thought that I might capture it. I really need to learn how to do the second part of Possessed by Phoenix unfocused. I guess a bit of time in spell practice would help me with that, but then again this run was completely on a whim. If you pay attention to the start, you will notice that I only decided to do the stage unfocused after the first few enemy waves - it was really just a spur of the moment thing. 04/04/07

Reply - Spell Card 205 "Imperishable Shooting" - Yukari Solo - No focus. I felt I had some unfinished business after getting the no focus run of the entire Extra stage above. Not as hard as you might think, as long as you are as intimately familiar with the spell card as I am at this point. It does require a good bit of luck though - for instance, the best strategy on the final wave is to simply sit still and pray. 04/05/07


Replay - 1,986,950,400 - Reimu+Yukari - Cb - 0.182% - This run is pretty messy, but then again this took a lot less work than my EoSD Lunatic 1cc. Stage two is kind of messed up, since someone IM'd me during it, minimizing the game (it is no small miracle that I didn't die there). I had planned to restart if I did this badly against Mystia or Keine, but didn't really feel like it when it came time to do so. Turns out there was no need. Anyway, enjoy watching me dodge like crazy only to crash into bullets at the very end of a spell card or attack wave over and over and over again, completely minimizing the worth of the insane dodging >_> 10/29/06

Replay - Stage 4 Powerful - Reimu+Yukari - C - This is a nearly perfect practice run of stage 4b (that's against the Marisa boss fight) on Lunatic. No deaths, all cards captured, and only one bomb used throughout the entire stage. I've been going for perfection on this stage for a while now, but I think this is close enough. 10/9/07

Reply - Stage 6b - Reimu+Yukari - C - A better run at Lunatic Kaguya than I ever hoped to get in my wildest dreams. Zero deaths, three deathbombs moments before I would have had the spellcard captures, and all Last Spells captured. - 03/13/08


Replay - Spell Card 81 Marisa's "Asteroid Belt Lunatic" - Reimu Solo. Timed out. This is probably my favorite spell card as of right now. So intense and so much fun. 10/07/07

Replay - Spell Card 214 ExKeine's "Total Purification" - Reimu Solo. Timed out. This is Ex Keine's Last Word, and is generally agreed upon as one of the most difficult. I don't have much trouble with capturing it now, but timing it out is an entirely different story. The last 30 seconds were possibly the longest 30 seconds in my life. 10/08/07

Replay - Spell Card 155, Kaguya's "Brilliant Dragon Bullet" - Reimu Solo. Timed out. This was beyond insanely difficult. Those laser things are such complete bullshit. 10/10/07

Replay - Spell Card 21, Mystia's "Poisonous Moth's Dance" - Reimu + Yukari. Timed out, no focus. Kil challenged me to do this. I thought it would be hard, but it only took four tries. 4/26/08

Replay - Spell Card 81 Marisa's "Asteroid Belt Lunatic" - Reimu Solo. Timed out, no focus. This was a very silly idea, but it was also very fun to do; it's still one of my favorite cards in the series. 4/26/08

Replay - Spell Card 147 Eirin's "Hourai Elixir Lunatic" - Reimu + Yukari. No focus. Another very silly idea. The last ten seconds of this card are really not meant to be done without focusing. 4/26/08

Replay - Spell Card 139 Eirin's "Apollo 13 Lunatic" - Reimu + Yukari. Timed out, no focus. This really takes the cake as far as silliness is concerned. ~150 tries, including three failures with two seconds left to go. 4/27/08

Shoot the Bullet[edit]

I finally played through this game after trying to forget about its existence for so long. I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a decent collection of EX replays uploaded to this site, so here are all of mine:

EX-1 - Replay - My path isn't the easiest way to do it, but it gets the job done. This stage requires insanely fast reflexes - you've got to nail the shot the moment you reach 100%, or you die.

EX-2 - Replay - Pretty easy once you figure out the right path, really. The bottom left corner is a bit tricky every time, but the key is to make sure you are below the half way point of the screen on the left side when Flan shoots out the last set of crosses before you have to deal with the lower corner. This will give you the room to work with that you need.

EX-3 - Replay - The random spray is the only hard part of this level. As far as I can tell, it is heavily luck based. You only need to survive the first wave of random spray to complete the level though, so it isn't that bad.

EX-4 - Replay - For the longest time I didn't take any shots except for when the bullets coalesced into the wave pattern. The problem with this is that the wave pattern only pops up to let you do this three times before the big spiral repeats itself, which is basically impossible to dodge. The trick is to get that second shot in before the waves start appearing, nail a shot on each of the three waves, and then to nail your final shot after the third wave pattern goes by. On a side note, this stage is responsible for giving me a massive headache.

EX-5 - Replay - A very fun stage. It also isn't very difficult. Remember that Mokou aims one big line of fire at you, so be sure to lead them so you don't get trapped.

EX-6 - Replay - My single most hated stage in the game. I have absolutely no idea how you are supposed to clear it without using the trick I used here. Even with this trick it still took many tries.

EX-7 - Replay - A very, very difficult stage. Much harder than it appears. It takes a long time to figure out the best way to move and lead Suika in this stage. Remember, Aya's camera has a slight autoaim which will attract her shot to mist Suika, and oftentimes you will have to fight that autoaim to get your shot to go where you need it to go.

EX-8 - Replay - Another really fun stage. Suika is usually pretty far away, so always assume that you will have to zoom a bit when you go for a shot. For the last few shots, plan on taking the shot from near the bottom of the screen. I got pretty lucky at the end here, it was actually the first time I had seen the last two shots of the stage >_>

Mountain of Faith[edit]


Replay - 922,938,030 - ReimuA - C - 0.0% - An essentially perfect Extra run. No deaths, all spell cards captured, and only one bomb used during the stage for score. I can't really think of anything that could substantially improve this score. The method I use for the Native Myth vs Central Myth capture is the culmination of much pain, suffering, and experimentation on the card. 02/20/08


Replay - 474,177,920 - ReimuA - C - 0.0% - Not a huge fan of the story mode in this game, but a Lunatic clear is a Lunatic clear. Notable for a lack of bomb abuse and a hilarious ending. 08/20/07

Replay - Stage 6 - ReimuB - C - A practice run of stage six that goes pretty much perfectly. I bomb Kanako's opening attack and her fourth spellcard, but I do everything else without dying or bombing, including Virtue of Wind God (the final card). 01/23/08

Replay - Stage 6 - ReimuB - C - Essentially the same as the stage six replay above, except I die on the final spellcard. I then proceed to time it out without bombing and with dying a total of only two times. I've repeated this feat a few times now, and will probably manage a one death/no bombs time out at some point in the future. 02/20/08

Replay - Stage 6 - ReimuB - C - A horrible stage six run. However, it is capped by a time out of Virtue of Wind God Lunatic with zero bombs and only one death. Could a true, no bombs no deaths time out be possible? 03/11/08

Seihou Shuusou Gyoku[edit]


Replay - Clear - Not actually Touhou, but close enough. This was really, really hard - far more difficult than the Extra stages in the actual Touhou games. I'm surprised I got this clear, since I screwed up pretty badly on a couple of Reimu's earlier attacks. Still, I'm quite happy with this. Note that you will need to rename the file to "秋霜りぷEx.DAT" and place it your main Shuusou Gyoku directory for the game to recognize it. 7/25/07