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Welcome to my user replay page! There's not much here as I'm just a beginning Touhou player, but I hope you like what you see.

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil[edit]

My Opinion on EoSD[edit]

It's freakin' hard. End of line.



Easy is for first-graders! There's no sixth stage, either.


File:Th6 udrbn5.rpy (9), pure and simple. I get owned by Cirno, and it just drops like a rock from there.


I'll get to this when I master Normal.


Not even if you threatened to kill me.


See Lunatic.

Perfect Cherry Blossom[edit]

My Opinion On PCB[edit]

This is many a Touhou fan's favorite game in the series so far, but it's my personal favorite by far. It's just simple shooting and dodging--you don't need to worry about Grazing for time, just points. It also contains several of my favorite characters (Reimu, Alice, Cirno, Youmu, Yuyuko, and Yukari) and music tracks; Yuyuko's and Yukari's themes are among my favorites. The gripe I have about this game is it's difficulty, I've played dozens of times and got beaten pretty badly. Did I give up? No, but personal thoughts and life kept me from playing...Until I got Concealed the Conclusion. That game got my Danmaku mojo flowing and on a whim I beat PCB on the eve of February 3, 2007. Kudos to you ZUN, without you I would not have discovered this game and its wonderful history. ^_^

Personal Notes[edit]

When I played the demo of PCB, I was but a newbie. Chen was the first boss that smacked me down.

The furthest I got on the final level before I beat the game on Easy was Yuyuko's final normal spellcard. I don't even recall how I got that far, but it must have been painful. Yuyuko's hard.

I find that playing in windowed mode makes it easer to see all the bullets, but I think it hurt more than helped, either because I was out of practice, or I couldn't see my character's position clearly, I dunno. I think I did better on a larger screen when I could just focus on the area around my character.

I don't plan on getting a high score anytime soon. Or do I?

Yukari > You.


To be filled in when I feel up to it.



File:Th7 udbhpy.rpy First ever PCB clear. I almost hit 400 million and I lost all my bombs and lives in the final cards Yuyuko flung at me.

File:Th7 udrbec.rpy My second PCB clear, score a little higher than my last clear but it still could use a lot of work.

File:Th7 udraec.rpy Third PCB Clear, ReimuA. I was so happy, I haven't beat this game in ages! =D






Imperishable Night[edit]

Personal Notes[edit]

Any strategems I discover in this game will be listed here. Full Analysis of the game's scoring and spell cards can be found here: Imperishable Night: Gameplay

Time Orbs[edit]

In the main game, there is an in-game clock that advances after each stage (or if you fail to pass any of Kaguya's Last Spells in FinalB). The clock starts at 11:00 PM and the game ends at 5:00, advancing an hour each stage if you do not collect enough time orbs. Collecting the specified number of Time Orbs only advances the clock half an hour. You collect time orbs by:

-Grazing shots at > 80% (30% if you're playing as YoumusSolo) -Hitting enemies at < -80% (-30% if you're playing as Youmu solo) -Killing enemies -Destroying a familiar as a result of its master's defeat -Capturing a Spell Card

On Easy rank with Reimu + Yukari, you can usually get away on stages 1-3 by shooting and killing enemies at < -80% to get the needed Time Orbs. In stages 4-6, you'll want to kill familiar-summoning enemies at > 80% and graze shots more often, because there's quite a bit to graze.

Stage and Boss strategies[edit]

Stage 1[edit]
Stage 2[edit]
Stage 3[edit]
Stage 4a[edit]
Stage 4b[edit]
Stage 5[edit]
Stage 6a[edit]

All teams go here on their first play-through; later on you can play it by choosing the top option after stage 5.

First, you'll get attacked by a master enemy before the stage title appears. Then, masters appear amongst a row of familiars. Masters fire shots right at you while the familiars fire shots in narrow strafes upwards and downwards. After this, Erirn attacks.


-Eirin fires out antispirals of bullets while her familiars fire shots either directly at you, or in a fixed line; this changes from character to character.

Spell Card: Spacesphere "Earth in a Pot" (Easy) When the circle of familars appears, GET INSIDE IT. They'll pepper the outside area with shots, making it impossible to dodge. The familiars will shoots at you, but these shots are easily dodged, although the familars continue to fire for a short time after they disperse. Eirin usually stays over you, so you can easily hit her.

After this, you run into Eirin again.


-Coming soon because I can't remember what this pattern is at the moment >_>.

Spell Card 1: Awakened God "Memories of Legendary Age" (Easy) Eirin summons up a laser mesh and fires out a spray of shots while she covers the upper area with various shots (to keep you from escaping the lasers). Just find an open area between the lasers and dodge her shots while firing at her.

-Eirin summons familiars that create stationary bullets in a star pattern, while also firing steams of red bullets.

Spell Card 2: Revival "Game of Life" (Easy) Eirin summons a familar, which stops above you, then below you, summoning a large cloud of stationary bullets each time (thus making a hexagon area for you to hide in) while she fires spirals of bullets from above (Yukari much?). This isn't too hard to clear, just mind the bullets from above and stay within the hexagon while shooting.

-Eirin's familiars move in spirals, leaving behind those HUGE energy balls behind for a moments before they move. The balls will move in the direction the familiar was traveling in when they were placed. There are also outwardly firing rings of bullets.

Spell Card 3: Leading God "Omoikane's Device" (Easy) Here's a fun spell card. It took me a while to figure it out, but it's not hard. First, Eirin summons a familar; GET UNDERNEATH IT. She'll then form a "safety wedge," a barrage of bullets such that a wedge-shaped area is the only safe spot. This will then move CLOCKWISE; stay near the familar and dodge the other shots she fires. Moving too far from the familar is not advised. Eventually, the familar will leave and another will take its place, but this one moves counterclockwise and it will be a little more difficult with the newly-added shots. Once you have this nailed down, it's not hard at all. =)

-Eirin creates a bunch of bullets that spiral around her, and then fire in your direction making a sort of grid pattern. There are other bullets firing at you as well, but they should't be hard to dodge.

Spell Card 4: Curse of the Heavens "Apollo 13" (Easy) This is pretty much a hard version of a bullet pattern used earlier, but the strategy is more or less the same. Watch the bullets' movements and be wary of safe spots.

Spell Card 5: Esoterica "Astronomical Entombing" (Easy) Oh god, this one gave me problems. >_< First, she conjures up a spray of bullets to force you to move down to the bottom-middle of the screen. Then, she summons familiars--Lots of them--Around you, trapping you. The only way to bypass this is by focusing. Eirin's attack pattern is simple. She'll fire an energy ball directly at you, then one to the left and to the right, and each time an energy ball disturbs a familar it fires off the bullet in a random direction. This challenge in this is to dodge the oncoming storm of bullets, which given their random trajectories is quite hard. Don't give up! An alternate tactic is to simply destroy the familiars; Start on the sides first and then take out the ones in the middle. You'll deal a good bit of damage to Eirin this way, and after you clear and screen she'll fall quite easily.

Last Spell: Forbidden Arcanum "Hourai Elixir" (Easy) Like all Last Spells, they are difficult to capture but don't kill you if you get hit. This one's a bit complex, so bear with me. Throughout this spell there are lasers moving in a concave hexagon pattern (think of those arrows on road signs only pointing up or down), either clockwise or counterclockwise from Eirin (this is much easier to see in action than in words =P). All the while Eirin will attack you with the following bullet patterns:

Wave 1: Just a barrage of bullets, this should be cake to pass.

Wave 2: This is harder. First, Eirin covers the upper half of the field with bullets; this mass will rotate slowly counterclockwise. Move as appropriate.

Wave 3: After the mass rotates halfway around, Eirin fires sprays of bullets in your direction. This doesn't change things much, just add those new bullets to your list of things to dodge.

Wave 4: Eirin fires off bullets that pause for a bit before firing forwards, this is very easy to pass.

Wave 5: This time, the bullets move in outward spirals; the best way to conquer this is with vertical movement. Horizontal movement has a higher chance to kill you.

Wave 6: This one's a doozy. Rings of bullets are fired outwards, augmented by random bullet shots. This is hard to pass if you don't anticipate the path of the bullets and take advantage of your visible hitbox; in fact, be glad that Perfect Cherry Blossom introduced it. Passing this wave will clear the spell and and the final stage, unless you get hit. Either way, you win!

Stage 6b[edit]

All teams go here on their second play-through; later on you can play it by choosing the bottom option after stage 5.

First, you'll get attacked by TWO master enemies and their familiars, then the regular enemies attack in a similar fashion as they did in FinalA; However, the masters attack in trios and their familiars' bullets fire straight downwards while they fire directly at you. After a few waves, our old friend Eirin comes to pay us a visit.


-This bullet pattern is more or less the same as her FinalA version, sprials of shots followed by fixed or directly aimed shots.

Spell Card: Medicine Sign "Galaxy in a Pot" (Easy) I think this card's cursed, because in many of my early playthroughs I kept getting killed by it. =P Familiars surround you, then fire rows of small bullets at you; get their trajectories and move out of the way.

Short pause, then Kaguya appears.


-Kaguya tries to mislead you by firing out bullets that pause, then take off in the opposite direction. In other words, the bullets above her will fire down at you. She also fires lines of bigger bullets directly at you.

Spell card 1: Impossible Request "Dragon's Necklace -5 Colored Shots-" (Easy) Familiars launch colored energy balls that rain down on you in arcs, while Kaguya conjures up laser blades that fire out in spirals. Not that hard to dodge, really (Kaguya is pretty easy to kill on Easy, naturally).

-Kaguya creates a bunch of familiars, which fire bullets in opposing spirals to each other. It's easier to see in action.

Spell Card 2: Impossible Request "Buddha's Stone Bowl -Indomitable Will-" (Easy) Almost too easy. She creates familiars that are arranged in a bowl shape, then they fire lasers out a various angles. Too easy? There are yellow stars falling from above as well, but there's a ton of space to dodge here. Next.

-Kaguya's third bullet attack is similar to Eirin's third attack from FinalA, but the bullets are of differing sizes and they move almost immediately after being placed. A little harder, but not by much.

Spell Card 3: Impossible Request "Robe of Fire Rat -Patient Mind-" (Easy) A fun spell card, because it introduces FIREBALLS! I wish they could come in different colors...Anyways, she fires out waves of fireballs that change trajectory, and after a while her familiars create "toothpick" shots that are aimed directly at you. This card can be easily conquered if you move up and down through the middlemost wave.

-Kaguya fires out spirals of bullets, when they hit the bottom they come back a random angle but slower speed. Not hard to pass at all.

Spell Card 4: Impossible Request "Swallow's Cowrie Shell -Everlasting Life-" (Easy) Kaguya basically takes "Buddha's Stone Bowl" and turns it into a sphere, lasers are everywhere while a familiar appears in the middle to produce spiralling red stars. Kaguya also fires shots upwards, I assume to keep players on the bottom of the field or something. Harder than the others, but only just so.

Spell Card 5: Impossible Request "Hourai Barrage -Rainbow Danmaku-" (easy) First a bunch of familiars appear in the middle, fire bullets offscreen, which bounce back directly at you. Move out of this mess and get ready to dodge easier streams...And the shower of energy balls from above. Kaguya is immune to damage until about 48 seconds, when the streams from above change patterns. This really isn't hard, but don't get cocky. Move to dodge the streams from the sides and from above as the pattern changes.

BAM, Kaguya's dead...No, wait, she's not, she has some Last Spells for you, five to be exact. Oy. I have a hard time trying to catch them all in one sitting, and failing a spell adds time to your ingame clock. Watch your step!

Last Spell 1: "End of Imperishable Night -1st Day's Moon-" (Easy) Kaguya traps you in a bicycle wheel of shots, then has red energy balls fire directly at you. Stay in the bottom-middle space, and vertically to dodge the balls.

Last Spell 2: "End of Imperishable Night -11 o' Clock-" (Easy) Two antispirals create a waffle iron-like patter to trap you, then she fires a big red energy ball at your position. It's hard to give an exact pattern, but positioning yourself such that you're lined up with a corner of an existing cell works, just adjust your position slightly to avoid the other bullets and you should be fine.

Last Spell 3: "End of Imperishable Night -1 o' Clock-" (Easy) Two antispirals are created, and they spiral outwards. You can't conquer this spell by standing still. I find that staying near the bottom, moving only when a bullet is directly aimed at you tends to yield success.

Last Spell 4: ""End of Imperishable Night -3 o' Clock-" (Easy) Ugh. I hate this one. She creates bicycle spokes like her first Last Spell, but they move much faster and they aren't perfectly straight. She also constantly fires big energy balls at you. I'd suggest getting to a corner and move horizontally as the balls approach (Mind the spokes!) until it passes.

Last Spell 5: "End of Imperishable Night -Morning Mist-" (Easy) The last hurdle, and it's tricky. Kaguya first fires out butterflies in straight lines, then other bullets (I can't remember specifically as I type this) in antispirals, alternating direction. Finally, she just DUMPS random bullets all over the place. The antispirals are easy, the random dump, not so much. Get to a corner and pray...And dodge.

If you cleared all of the Last Spells, good for you. If not, be glad that you at least beat the FinalB stage. ;)


Coming when I have the sanity and reflexes to beat it. =P

Last Words[edit]

Coming soon...



File:Th8 udryeb.rpy All-stage clear with Reimu and Yukari

File:Th8 udebch.rpy All-stage challange clear from Shrinemaiden -- Play with the area above your starting point taped off with a piece of paper.

File:Th8 udrseb.rpy All-clear with Reimu solo





Last Words/Individual Spell Cards[edit]

File:Th8 0144.rpy Spell Card #144, Eirin's Last Spell "Forbidden Arcanum: Hourai Elixir (Easy)"

File:Th8 udB206.rpy Spell Card #206, Wriggle's Last Word "Unseasonal Butterfly Storm"

File:Th8 udB207.rpy Spell Card #207, Mystia's Last Word "Blind Nightbird"

File:Th8 udB208.rpy Spell Card #208, Keine's Last Word "Emperor of the East"