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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil[edit]


Replay - 1,939,820 - MarisaB - C - 0.105%

A pure pacifist replay, with the addition of no focus. I hold out hope that I can do this without dying.


Replay - 30,070,640 - MarisaB - C - 0.084%

No power items collected. As there is no auto-collection, unlike PCB and IN, this task is much simpler. EoSD awards extra lives through overall points, so picking up point items isn't as important as the PCB counterpart.

Perfect Cherry Blossom[edit]


Replay - 63,482,770 - ReimuA - C - 0.284%

A pure pacifist replay. I only died four times, including a careless one at the end, leaving the possibility that I might accomplish this without picking up extra lives.


Replay - 127,846,040 - MarisaB - C - 0.161%

No point items collected through any means. I'm amazed that I didn't quit after entering Stage 6 with one life and no bombs, which meant that I couldn't get hit at all until the last spellcard. Alice's last card had about a 70% chance of autocollecting a power item, so I got quite tired of playing the first three stages over and over.

Replay - 843,457,600 - MarisaB - C - 0.151%

No borders broken, all spellcards captured. Two stupid deaths makes me sad.

Imperishable Night[edit]


Replay - 0 - Youmu - 1 - 0.00%

The lowest score possible. Not as easy as you think, since ramming into an enemy normally kills it and gives you points, as does allowing familiar-laden enemies to leave the screen.

Replay - 95,514,650 - Reimu - Cb - 0.083%

The lowest score for a Final B clear that I know of. Even in this type of challenge, Stage 4 is still harder than Stage 5...

Replay - 499,391,710 - Reimu & Yukari - Cb - 0.050%

One finger. Diagonal movements and focused shooting are possible, but the replay simply becomes a pacifist replay later on. I had hoped to capture all five of Kaguya's last spells, but Card 176 just wasn't to be.

Replay - 533,777,460 - Reimu & Yukari - Cb - 0.178%

Cover up the screen above your starting hitpoint. You cannot see or enter that part of the screen. Quite scary indeed; I had to counterbomb quite a few times in a difficulty that I'm quite familiar with. You can forget about any IN blindfolded challenges.

Replay - 1,366,231,770 - Remilia - Cb - 0.170%

All spellcards captured, no bombing, no dying, constant shooting, focus-only. Not very difficult with the strongest character, who also happens to have the fastest focused movement, and only slightly inconvenienced by her familiar being frozen in the middle.


Replay - 1,918,083,770 - Reimu & Yukari - Cb - 0.065%

No focus, no bombing, all non-Last Spell cards captured, one death. Reimu's hitbox is unfathomably small, as evidenced by the last seconds of Kaguya's first attack.


Replay - 1,953,252,830 - Reimu & Yukari - Cb - 0.07%

A no-focus run. I was fortunate to get by the last two non-boss enemies in Stage 5 and the first two enemies in Stage 6; I only had a 10% success rate on the first pair and a 50% success rate on the second. Also, it felt like the time allowed for using Yukari's Last Spell was twice as long as in practice mode, particularly when I had only one bomb --- in practice I could never get it off in time.

Replay - 2,530,839,000 - Reimu & Yukari - Cb - 0.039%

My third Lunatic clear. Although it's not my best score, this is my favorite Lunatic clear. I entered Card 171 with five lives and zero bombs, and amazingly left it with the same, thanks to the pattern from a replay on Coolier. I also captured Card 191 with the tried and true method of hiding in the corner and praying, during the final five seconds.

Replay - 2,997,220,050 - Reimu & Yukari - Cb - 0.085%

My current top score in Lunatic. Card 47 was quite painful, but I'm happy I got Card 171 again.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View[edit]

Lunatic Story[edit]

(As soon as I can manage to save replays without them crashing again, I'll fill in Marisa's, Tewi's and Komachi's.)

The following table will keep track of my match play replays. My character is listed in the rows and the AI is listed in the columns, with the difficulty of the replay indicated.
.5 means a setting of .5 health entering the match, as well as a 2-0 score. All N matches are .5.
(P) means zero hits taken the entire match.

Reimu Marisa Sakuya Youmu Reisen Cirno Lyrica Merlin Lunasa Mystia Tewi Aya Medicine Yuka Komachi Shikieiki
Reimu L H L H L L L L L H L H H L L H
Marisa H H H H H .5H H H H H H H N L H N
Sakuya H N H H H H H H H H H H N L H N
Youmu L H H H L H H L H H H H H L H N
Reisen N N H H H H H H H H H H N H N N
Cirno H H H H H(P) H(P) H H H H H H H L H N
Lyrica N N H H H H H N H H H H N H H N
Merlin N N N N N H N N N H H H N H N N
Lunasa H H H H H .5H H H H H H(P) H H L H H
Mystia N N H H H H H N H H H H H H N N
Tewi N N H H H H H H H H H H N H H N
Aya .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L
Medicine .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L .5L L
Yuka H N H H H H H(P) H H H H H H L H N
Komachi N N H H H H H N H H H H N H N N
Shikieiki L H L H L L H H L L L L H L H(P) H