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Psieye's Replays[edit]

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil[edit]

Media:Th6_09.rpy - beating Flandre Scarlet at 3am (hence the user name on this file).

Perfect Cherry Blossom[edit]

Media:Th7_udpsi1.rpy - first clear of PCB EX stage. Not terribly impressive, but it's a milestone.

Media:Th7_udpsi2.rpy - first clear of PCB Phantasm stage. Messy Messy, but it was cleared.

Imperishable Night[edit]

Media:Th8 06.rpy - nothing impressive at all, just an ordinary capture of Spellcard 83 (Stardust Reverie - normal). Created to demonstrate a point on forums.

Media:Th8 udpsi1.rpy - 1CC Normal Sakuya Solo. Was bored and didn't install MoF on my laptop. So.. this was produced. Starts with 5 lives, but ends with 6.

Th8 udpsi2.rpy - first clear of IN EX stage. Came out with 3 lives at the end too. I guess all that's left is Suwako... Kinda feels anti-climactic given how long I personally grinded against PCB EX... but then again months ago I grinded some IN EX and I grinded 30 min in Spellcard practice before embarking. Oh and watching my brother doing this stage endless times...

Phantasmagoria of Flower View[edit]

For convenience: Patch for viewing these replays.

EX mode[edit]

Cirno EX Clear - with an insane Yuka fight (went into Sikieiki with 8 lives)

Komachi EX Clear - a recent run. Went into Sikieiki with 5 lives (including a few deaths on the way).

VS mode[edit]

Cirno vs Mystia (Hard AI): I lost overall, but the 2nd round exemplifies my ideal playing style as Cirno (and my reckless playing style overall).

Komachi vs Yuka (Hard AI): Again, I lose but it exemplifies my ideal playing style as Komachi. No I don't know whether it's sheer luck or a subconscious awareness when a high density, high speed, random barrage passes by me with no hit, without focussed movement. I suspect both are involved but have no idea when it's one or the other cause.

A large number of my deaths in PoFV have been because I fly towards the centre of the screen just before casting a Fairy-class spellcard. Another portion are due to releasing "Fire" 1 moment too early so I cast a Lv 1 instead of Lv 2... Of course, a healthy number of deaths are from being overwhelmed or not spotting that one bullet.

Lunasa vs Cirno (Hard AI): Hadn't played Lunasa in a while, so was surprised at how well I did - especially in round 3 which I no-miss'd. Her cross-shaped field is great for gathering spirits for a good combo - her wide 3 arc shot makes this easy. I have to completely forfeit any attempt to kill a boss though - she just can't do it feasibly. Plus her field is no good for defending against diagonal spirits, as you can see in my death on round 2.

I really like Lunasa Prismriver as a character. Not too sure why, but probably as I empathise with her personality. Pity she doesn't get much attention from the (non-H) doujin artists~

Sakuya vs Marisa (Hard AI): Lost, but I showed one thing I'm trying to research as well as what I consider a good Sakuya workout. I used to like her a lot in my earlier days, but it seems I'm too used to Cirno and Komachi now...

This replay shows is that you do get free spellcard castings. I never, ever cast Witch or Dragon class spellcards (unless I'm bombing to get a G item or I make a mistake, etc). Round 1 at 1:20 and Round 2 at 1:03. It's easiest to spot when Sakuya does it, but I know cirno's done it too and I'm fairly certain the other characters can do it too. Many times I've been saved because the danmaku pause while a spellcard is being cast and multiple spellcards (my Fairy casting, a boss sent over from either one of us, a freebie spellcard) have gone off in quick succession, giving my brain longer time to process the bullets and thus, an escape path.

Reisen vs Cirno (Hard AI): I started this match with one thing in mind: to show that activated spirits (and fairies for that matter) can be shot down without having to get under them (without using Lyrica). This is done by taking advantage of the fact that my hitbox is smaller than my bullets. First round turned out pretty decent in intensity actually - gotta love Cirno for making a match heat up fast XD Second round was a slight disaster, but ah well - had fun making this replay and it proved to me I need to play as Reisen (and Lunasa) more ^^

Cirno vs Mystia (Hard AI) Match 2: Victory this time. Gah, had to stop and rub my eyes after the first round from staring so hard. Round 2 I lost because I let the point meter drop down to 0 again, so I wasn't getting my spellbar recharged.

No regular shot, no focus, Youmu vs Lunasa (Normal AI): Inspired by Pilpsie's style, I had fun slashing around with the Roukan-ken in the alternate Charge mode. I can see myself playing as Youmu a lot more now in this mode (without the restriction of "no regular shot") ^^

Aya vs Yuka (Insane AI): Aya is known to be the best AI killer. This proves it, considering I can't touch the AI on Insane otherwise. Unnaturally fast ends to rounds considering it's on Insane.

Reisen vs Cirno (Hard AI) Match 2: An exceptionally good run for me - half the time I kept a good balance between bombing and not bombing. Or more specifically, starting to charge up as soon as I saw the immediate surroundings were cleared of destructable bullets (I love that small, direction controllable field). Didn't bother trying to kill any bosses as the action heated up.

Sakuya vs Tewi (Hard AI), Sakuya vs Lunasa (Hard AI), Sakuya vs Mystia (Hard AI) (my defeat), Sakuya vs Mystia (Hard AI) Match 2 These 4 matches were played in the same hour. Watching their replays I noticed that at 500k, you get BOTH a Dragon-class and Witch-class spellcard for free - regardless of character. It was also good for proving to myself that I can still play Sakuya ^^

Lunasa vs Lunasa (Hard AI): Mirror match of fun~ Lunasa brings out the entire string orchestra at the climax - slow, NUMEROUS, DENSE danmaku really is intimidating. I really want to see fanart one-day of the Prismrivers multitasking an entire orchestra's worth of instruments~

Komachi vs Cirno (Hard AI): 8 minutes total of intense action where I lose in the end, but was extremely satisfied. I've never seen Komachi launch so many EX attacks before...

Komachi vs Tewi (Hard AI): I didn't think I'd win this one when I lost the first round. Yet somehow I held on and achieved 'critical density' on both the other rounds. Realising I was at that phase soon enough to switch to "just bomb, don't think" mode early enough that I out-lasted the AI. I'm also getting a grasp of when I should just insta-bomb and not try to brave an intimidating situation which I'm sure I can't dodge except through sheer luck. Knowing I am intimidated is hard at times considering I'm used to running around unfocussed with random danmaku raining down around me.

Komachi vs Cirno (Hard AI) 2: Cirno is fast becoming my favourite sparring partner. This match up just brings extremely satisfying fights, with point meters getting up to 999990 ridiculously fast at times.

Sikieiki vs Cirno (Hard AI): Wow... I didn't think the Yama would be this fun to play recklessly with... her Level 2 generates so much bullets that bounce back it's so easy to get my spellbar recharged. Very fast field generation and good speed make her good at 'catching' spirits too.

Lunasa vs Mystia (Hard AI): First attempt to demonstrate Lunasa's style to someone on the forums. Not a spectacularly amazing "ZOMG ORCHESTRA" density, but it proves the point that Lunasa is an AI Killer.

Komachi vs Cirno (Hard AI) 3: Yet another satisfying Komachi vs Cirno fight. Put up for the sake of a forum post.

Yuka vs Cirno (Hard AI): Nothing too notably from my side but... oh man... go take a look at how the AI dies in the 2nd match around 1:20 minutes. SO CIRNO!!

Komachi vs Cirno (Hard AI) 4: Whenever I need a quick morale boost before I get to work I go spar with Cirno~

PvP - vs Janglenut[edit]

The following are .zip batches of replays, with me playing against my brother. Note: my brother is someone who can consistently beat Imperishable Night EX stage so he's quite skilled though he has less experience in PoFV. I am 2P and my brother (Janglenut) is 1P - yes I messed up with the naming of the replays so they're all "PsivsJan" despite it being the other way round.

Batch 1, Batch 2

40+ matches so I can't remember individual moments. In general though, you will notice that I am willing to cast Lv 3 spellcards against humans. I also notice that it's harder to reach 999990 against a human than against the AI.

Feb 2007: Even more PvP replays against my brother: Batch 3

This time, I (Psieye) am 1P, my brother (Janglenut) is 2P

Mountain of Faith[edit]

1st EX Clear - Done with Reimu B some time ago. Nothing all that impressive, but it gets the job done and thus, a milestone I want to archive. Cleared the final spellcard on first try.

Concealed the Conclusion[edit]

Spellcard 302 done with Marisa C and B. The Kaguya-style Last Boss card.

MarisaB Normal 9k Hakurei run - My personal best so far, with a great run of Yukari's 1st spellcard. Some mistakes cost me hundreds of Hakurei here and there. Really bad Final Spellcard run.

MarisaB Normal Stage 3B Hakurei farming MarisaB Normal Stage 4 Hakurei farming MarisaB Normal Stage 5 Hakurei farming

MarisaA Hard mode clear - Wasn't trying to farm Hakurei and instead focussed on survival. It worked, though White Reimu was subtly different in many ways such that I died frequently to her. Had 5400 Hakurei at peak, but that got smashed down to 3000 by the time I beat her with 0 lives and 2 bombs left.

Super Marisa World[edit]

1LC 100-star Cirno run - was bored and happened to pull off a perfect run on Cirno (complete with 100 stars). Man... to think that when I first met her she grinded an hour on me because I didn't know you could pick her up and toss her. 9 is everything here~

6-2-1 clear - one of the most memorably EVIL stages in the game. Auu... if it wasn't for Kilgamayan's replay... auuu.... Though I do prove it's possible to get through those brick stairs without killing yourself at the drill part - note that I use a laptop's ultra-flat keyboard for ultra-quick tapping. Even then it's a lucky shot whether I can stop the drill in time, but drilling down that part is just as good as where Kilgamayan drills.