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Imperishable Night[edit]


Replay 1,946,334,000 - Reimu+Yukari - Cb - 0,231% - Lunatic 1CC


Replay 1,253,654,520 - Reimu+Yukari - C - 0,906% - Warning : extremely shitty play on the last 2cards and on Mokou's non cards

Spell Practice

Replay Spell 201 "Phoenix's Tail" Time Out

Replay Spell 81 "Asteroid Belt" Time Out

Replay Spell 127 "Genealogy of the Sky Born" Time Out

Replay Spell 100 "Final Master Spark" Time Out

Replay Spell 200 "Hollow Giant" Time Out

Replay Spell 204 "Hourai Doll" I tried to time out the card but failled when there were 7secs left , but there are so many bullet on the screen so i don't know if it's possible to time out

Replay Spell 195 "Ihakasa's Moon Curse" Time Out , No Focus

Replay Spell 143 "Astronomical Entombing"

Replay Spell 147 "Hourai Elixir"

Replay Spell 205 "Imperishable Shooting"

Last Word

Replay Spell 206 "Unseasonal Butterfly Storm" Wriggle's Last Word

Replay Spell 207 "Blind Nightbird" Mystia's Last Word

Replay Spell 208 "Emperor of The East" Keine's Last Word

Replay Spell 209 "Lunatic Red Eyes" Reisen's Last Word Time Out

Replay Spell 210 "Heaven Spider's Butterfly-Capturing web" Eirin's Last Word

Replay Spell 211 "Tree Ocean of Hourai" Kaguya's Last Word

Replay Spell 212 "Phoenix Rebirth" Mokou's Last Word

Replay Spell 213 "Ancient Duper" Tewi's Last Word

Replay Spell 214 "Total Purification" Keine's ( Hakutaku Form ) Last Word Time Out , No Focus

Replay Spell 217 "Deflation World" Sakuya's Last Word

Replay Spell 221 "Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana" Yuyuko's Last Word

Immaterial and Missing Power[edit]

You'll have to rename the extension to .rep from .rpy

Replay 65,995,942 - Suika - C - Lunatic 1LC and my highest score , stupid mistake at Reimu's last card

Phantasmagoria of Flower View[edit]


Replay 53,888,550 - Aya - C - Lunatic 1CC , if have absolutely no idea how to score in this game <__<'


Replay 74,872,060 - Komachi - C - Extra cleared

Shoot the Bullet[edit]

EX-1 - Replay

EX-2 - Replay

EX-3 - Replay

EX-4 - Replay

EX-5 - Replay

EX-6 - Replay

EX-7 - Replay

EX-8 - Replay