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hello! I'm not completely terrible! watch my replays and laugh at how I die on stage 2 bosses for essentially no reason!



Replay - 90663010 - MarisaB - 1cc - 0.393% - First ever EoSD normal 1cc. I died on Cirno, which was embarassing, but otherwise I did okay I guess. Except for that one part where I bomb immediately after capturing a spellcard because I thought I was about to die. Also that part where I die like 30 times on Red Magic. Well, whatever!



Replay - 367119380 - SakuyaA - 1cc - 0.355% - First 1cc of normal! Excluding that one time where I had 11 seconds left on Resurrection Butterfly with 4 bombs in my inventory and I ran into a laser instead of using them to win, which I count as a 1cc. I don't die on a stage 2 boss this time, but I do die a hell of a lot on Youmu and freaking Merlin Prismriver, so that's okay. I handle Yuyuko okay because I guess I'm learning when I should just suck it up and bomb, so I end with an extra life and 3 extra bombs, which is nice. This is the last normal I had left to 1cc so now I get to hammer my head against hard. Hooray!



Replay - 1206159080 - Border Team - 1cc - 0.044% - First ever normal 1cc! It, uhh, kind of blows a lot though. There are a lot of deaths for really dumb reasons (like playing chicken with a bullet), and also I miss the night bonus on Kaguya's last last spell, which is a bummer. Especially because on two of the other spells I died with 00 left on the clock :( But still, it's a 1cc, so that's good I guess! I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have even been remotely close if counterbombing wasn't so ridiculously easy with border team, though.


Replay - 1191795240 - Border Team - clear - 0.173% - This sure is way easier than PCB extra and EoSD extra! Probably because border team is so extremely sweet. I do okay on the stage and Keine, and do pretty sweet starting out on Mokou, but take hella damage in Woo and Fujiyama Volcano, as usual. Still, I did it, which is pretty awesome. No last spell, though :(