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Note that if you have a replay that has the same two first characters after "ud" as another replay, one of them will not be seen by the game. Rename your replay files accordingly.

Showcase replays[edit]

Media:Th7 udLunatic - ASAPIN.rpy - The currently highest known PCB Lunatic score run by ASAPIN.

Media:Th7 udLunatic - GIL.rpy - The previously 1st place PCB Lunatic score run by GIL.

Media:Th7 udNo-Vert Phantasm - GIL.rpy - The amazing PCB Phantasm no vertical replay by GIL.

Media:Th8 udGreat Rotation Spell199.rpy - The IN Spell Card 199 replay (Pardoning "Honest Man's Death") of a very contrary person. He rotated around Mokou!

Media:Th8_udEx_AM.rpy - Currently the highest IN Extra score over at Touhou Storm, with a score of 2.78 billion. No-miss, only one bomb used for scoring purposes, and every single spellcard captured.

User replays[edit]





Teruterubouzu (Shoot the Bullet solutions)

Holy Pearl