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Replays played by Japanese player YASU.

Imperishable Night[edit]

Date Difficulty Character Score Replay Remarks
2011/07/27 Lunatic Youmu 6,317,170,980 Replay IN overall record
2011/12/03 Lunatic Youmu 6,355,836,450 Replay IN overall record, Route Final-B
2011/12/14 Lunatic Youmu 6,413,387,450 Replay IN overall record, Route Final-B
2011/12/21 Hard Youmu 5,113,508,380 Replay Overall Hard difficulty record, Route Final-B
2011/12/23 Hard Yuyuko 3,143,557,450 Replay Route Final-B
2011/12/24 Hard Sakuya 3,916,398,860 Replay Route Final-B
2012/02/23 Lunatic Marisa-Alice Group 6,083,337,620 Replay Route Final-B
2012/10/10 Hard Yukari 3,282,506,140 Replay Route Final-B

Mountain of Faith[edit]

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