Scarlet Weather Rhapsody OST/ZUN's Comments

初めまして、ZUNです。 I'm ZUN. Nice to meet you.
When you think of an island that floats in the sky, you might think of Laputa. This Laputa, whether it be from the anime that is popular across the nation, or from the original Gulliver's Travels, takes a much higher level of technology to be able to float in space.
Realistically, to the many fantasy enthusiasts who live on the surface, it was unrealistic from the start to expect a scientific explanation to how an island can float in the heavens.
雲に浮かぶ天空の島が存在するとして、実際に生活してみたらどうなんでしょう? 天候の変化が無く常に晴れていて快適? 地震や台風の心配も要らないし、何より高いところから見下ろせるのは心地良いでしょうね(私は高いところは苦手ですが……) Just like the existence of an island in the clouds, what would life actually be like on said island? Would there be no change in the weather so it would always be pleasant and sunny? Would we not have to worry about earthquake or typhoons, and most of all, would everyone really be comfortable with looking down from such a high place? (I don't deal with high places very well...)
でもそんな天候の変化のない天界。下々の者を見下ろしながら生活できる場所は、既に現実にも存在してるんですよね。 But there is a kind of Heaven with the same kind of non-changing weather. Being able to look down from above onto the lifestyle of the common people is already reality.
それはもちろん宇宙ステーションの事。 Of course, I'm talking about space stations.
選ばれた天人だけが住む秘境中の秘境。ただの人間は簡単には近づけない場所に浮かんでいます。宇宙ステーションを残したまま文明が衰退すれば、いつかラピュタと呼ばれるようになるかもしれないですね。 To choose to explore the unexplored areas where only celestials live. For normal humans, it's not so easy to get anywhere close to places that float in the sky. If the space stations remain where they are after the downfall of society, they might also be called Laputa someday.
ま、食べ物はそんなに美味しくなさそうなので、俗っぽい私は地面に這い蹲ってお酒が飲めればいいや。 Well, the food there really isn't that good, so I, who am vulgar, feel just fine groveling on the earth's surface where I can drink booze.
上海アリス幻樂団 ZUN(負け惜しみじゃないもん) ZUN, Team Shanghai Alice (Not some sore loser)