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| en =-Arrow Keys: Move<br>
| en =-Arrow Keys: Move<br>
-Z Key: Shoot (during dialogue: skip)<br>
-Z Key: Shoot (during dialogue: skip)<br>
-X Key: Use Spell Card<br>
-X Key: Use Spell Card(limited use)<br>
-Shift Key: Focus Movement<br>
-Shift Key: Focus Movement<br>
-Escape Key: Pause<br>
-Escape Key: Pause<br>
Line 47: Line 47:
-Q Key: Quit (hold during pause)<br>
-Q Key: Quit (hold during pause)<br>
-R Key: Restart (hold during pause)
-R Key: Restart (hold during pause)
-Left Control Key: Slow frame rate (during replay)

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--- Index
--- 1. How to Play

2. Controls
3. Game Screen
4. Items
5. Mechanics
6. Character Skills

7. Harvest!
1. How to Play
Shoot down enemies while dodging their bullets.
At the end of each stage is a boss. Defeat the boss to clear the stage.


"For an unknown reason, all of the crops in Gensokyo began to wither away.
At this rate, the humans will starve very soon.
Four girls set out to discover the cause of this incident.
and to put an end to it."

...or so the story goes. However, this time around, things may not be quite how they seem.

This tale is purely fantastical, so its only limits are the limits of one's own imagination.
2. Controls
-Arrow Keys: Move

-Z Key: Shoot (during dialogue: skip)
-X Key: Use Spell Card(limited use)
-Shift Key: Focus Movement
-Escape Key: Pause
-S Key: Skip Frames
-Q Key: Quit (hold during pause)
-R Key: Restart (hold during pause)

-Left Control Key: Slow frame rate (during replay)
3. Game Screen
The number of lives remaining.

-Spell Cards

The number of spell cards remaining


The maximum value of Point Items auto-collected above the Point of Collection.


The amount of enemy shots grazed.

-Harvest Gauge

This gauge is filled when harvest items are collected.
Filling the gauge fully activates harvest mode (more details on page 7).
The number indicates the amount of items needed to unlock the Last Word.
4. Items
-Point Item
Increases the score. This item is worth more when collected higher on the field.
Collecting enough Point Items yield additional life.

-Faith Item

Increases the value of Point Items.

-Spell Up Item

Collecting 5 pieces or 1 whole increases the number of remaining spell cards by 1.

-Life Up Item

Increases the number of remaining lives by 1.

-Harvest Item

Flls the harvest gauge. Collecting enough during a stage unlocks the Last Word.
More details on page 7.
5. Mechanics
-Clearing a pattern without being hit or using a spell card grants a Spell Piece.

In this game, timing patterns out counts as clearing them.

-Grazing occurs when the players nears an enemy shot without colliding with it.
Grazing slightly increases the Point Item value and drops harvest items.
It also yields extra score during spell cards.

-Reaching a stage in the main game allows it to be played in practice mode.

-Spell Practice is unlocked once the game is cleared.

-Extra is unlocked once the game is cleared on normal or above without continuing (1cc).

Extra is only playable with shot types that have 1cc'd the game on normal or above.
6. Character Skills
-Hakurei Reimu
-Has a smaller hitbox.
-Has a longer deathbomb period.

-Kirisame Marisa

-Has a larger item collection radius.
-Has a lower point of collection.

-Kochiya Sanae

-Fills the harvest gauge more quickly.
-Fills the meter during harvest mode more quickly.


-Has a larger graze radius.
-Receives the full amount of Point and harvest items even after failing patterns.
7. Harvest!
-Collecting a sufficient amount of harvest items fills the harvest gauge.

When the harvest gauge is full, harvest mode is activated.

-During harvest mode, the objective is to collect harvest items to fill a meter
within 12 seconds. This meter can be filled 3 times, with each fill awarding a spell piece
and a Point Item value bonus.

-Regardless of the amount of harvest items collected,
surviving until the end of harvest mode awards the player with briend invincibility
and a small Point Item value bonus.

-The player can also press X to end harvest mode and activate a bullet-clearing bomb.
Its radius depends on how many times the meter is filled, covering the whole screen
with 3 fills.

-Getting shot down cancels harvest mode, but the bomb can be used to survive a hit.