Shanghai Alice Correspondence

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Shanghai Alice Correspondence (上海アリス通信 Shanhai Arisu Tsuushin) are omake (extra) texts, or afterwords, and such others that can be found in each of any official TH game's directory, from TH6 on. Since they come in volumes, they can be considered a series. They contain ZUN's comments and extra stories and other such information you would normally find in a bundle of extras.

Shanghai Alice Correspondence Three Fairies Version[edit]

上海アリス通信 三精版 (Shanghai Alice Correspondence Three Fairies Version) in Eastern and Little Nature Deity, Strange and Bright Nature Deity. The numberings were incorrect when printed on magazine — the numbering "volume 3" was put on volume 4, which made the number of the volumes incorrect from then on. The odd numberings were partly fixed when volume 1 to 5 were added in the book of Eastern and Little Bright Nature Deity, but volume 6 to 8, which were in the field of Strange and Bright Nature Deity, weren't added in the book of it. Then volume 6 to 8 have odd numberings in the head of their transcriptions below. So when you find the numbering inconsistent to see an archive below (e.g. "volume 5" written in the page of volume 6), don't rush and correct it.