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| nameEn = Shion Yorigami
| nameEn = Shion Yorigami
| nameIPA =  
| nameIPA =  
| image = [[File:Th155Shion.png|x325px|Shion Yorigami]]
| image = [[File:Th155Shion.png|x260px|Shion Yorigami]]
| caption =  
| caption =  
| chartitle = The Most Despicable and Disastrous Elder Twin Sister  
| chartitle = The Most Despicable and Disastrous Elder Twin Sister  

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依神 (よりがみ) 紫苑 (しおん)
Shion Yorigami

Shion Yorigami
The Most Despicable and Disastrous Elder Twin Sister
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Poverty God


Capable of making people unlucky, including herself


Con artist, personification of misfortune.

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Shion Yorigami (依神 紫苑 Yorigami Shion) is a poverty god and one of the main antagonists of Antinomy of Common Flowers. Together with her younger sister, Joon, she robs innocent residents of Gensokyo of their wealth by bringing them misfortune.

General Information[edit]


As a goddess of poverty, Shion brings misfortune to others, but is also constantly cursed with misfortune herself. She has become a quiet, uncaring and submissive person as a result, not really caring about being bossed around and berated by her younger sister. Occasionally, though, she can become more passionate and suddenly start to stand up for herself, which usually coincides with releasing an enormous aura of misfortune into her surroundings. It seems that deep down, she wants to forge her own identity and be important in her own right, but doesn't care enough to become independent of her sister. Like Joon, she is a remorseless thief who seems to have no issue with her sister's robberies being their only source of income.


Background Information[edit]



Her full name is Shion Yorigami (依神 紫苑). Shion (紫苑) most likely comes from harujion (春紫菀), the Japanese word for the Philadelphia fleabane. The Philadelphia fleabane is related to the daisy fleabane, which in Japanese is called himejoon (姫女菀), which is likely what her sister Joon is named after. On its own, Shion is also the Japanese word for Aster tataricus. Her family name Yorigami is composed of the kanji 依, which means "reliant" or "dependent", and 神, which means "god". The first kanji is also present in the term hyoui (憑依) meaning "possession", so it is possible that Yorigami could mean "possession god".


Shion has blue eyes, and dark blue hair that flows as if it were a flame with a ribbon on top. She wears a gray short sleeved hoodie and a blue skirt. All her clothes are randomly decorated with what appears to bills depicting debt and eviction notices. On both her wrists there are golden bracelets. She is also seen carrying a small broken beggar's cup and a small, patched up doll of what appears to be a cat. She is completely barefoot. One of her legs appears to be surrounded by a blue spirit-like flame. On some animations she appears to lose (or hide) both legs and gain a blue ghost-like tail.

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