Shoot the Bullet/English patch

This patch is intended for use with Touhou Bunkachou ~ Shoot the Bullet v1.02a. If running an older version, a v1.02a update patch can be found at here.

If installing under Windows Vista, please consult the readme for special instructions.

If you want your saved data (cleared stages, scores, and bestshots) copied over, check "Copy unpatched data", otherwise the game will create its own new save data.

Latest version is 1.1: Download Patch. Source.

Please use this thread for discussion.

Known issues:

  • If bestshot files are copied over from an unpatched version of StB, the spellcard titles for those bestshots will be displayed as mojibake until they are replaced with bestshots from the patched game.
  • If your StB installation is located within a folder that contains Japanese or other Unicode text (such as 東方文花帖), the patch can fail to finish, or even fail to launch if the patch is run from within that directory. Rename the directory to something non-Unicode and rerun the patch.