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Double Spoiler

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{{nihongo|'''{{lang|ja|ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖}}'''||Daburu Supoiraa ~ Touhou Bunkachou|"Double Spoiler ~ Oriental Cultural Album"}}, known as '''DS''' in English speaking community, is a [[danmaku]] vertical-scrolling photography game. It is the sequel to ''[[Shoot the Bullet|Touhou Bunkachou ~ Shoot the Bullet]]''. Because it takes place after ''[[Touhou Hisoutensoku]]'', it is labelled as TH12.5.
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In ''Double Spoiler'', you can play as [[Aya Shameimaru]] or, after you unlocked her, [[Hatate Himekaidou]]. Like in ''[[Shoot the Bullet]]'', the heroines must take pictures of various bosses and their bullet patterns while avoiding them as well. The player gains points for taking certain kinds of pictures, such as getting Aya or Hatate in the shot with the boss, taking pictures of bullets primarily of a single color, or taking pictures while grazing bullets. The player must take all these aspects into account in order to achieve good scores and enable a comment from both. Different from Unlike in the previous title is that last game, the camera's orientation can be modified: it can be either horizontal portrait or vertical landscape, and can be changed during the game. Aya always starts with a horizontal landscape orientation, and Hatate with a vertical portrait orientation. The bosses included in this game come from the games ''[[Mountain of Faith]]'' to ''[[Undefined Fantastic Object]]''.
==Name and Concept==
[[File:Th125CongratulationsScreen.png|thumb|225px|The congratulations screen when you unlock Hatate.]]
The soundtrack of ''Double Spoiler'' has six named tracks and one unnamed track. The unnamed track cannot be heard in the music room, and can only be heard when you have unlocked Hatate after clearing the Spoiler stage. Like the other games, the title screen theme of Double Spoiler is an arranged version of ''"Theme of Eastern Story" from '' from [[Akyu's Untouched Score vol.5]]''. The fifth photo theme, ''"The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain'' " ({{lang|ja|妖怪の山 ~}} Mysterious Mountain), is a slightly different version of [[Aya Shameimaru|Aya]]'s theme in ''[[Mountain of Faith]]'', sharing the same name.
According to the music comments, the music changes when the difficulty of the game steps up a notch. [[ZUN]] claims that the fifth track, ''"Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare'' " ({{lang|ja|無間の鐘 ~}} Infinite Nightmare), is the one the player will hear the most, describing it as 'an endless hell'. This is because this theme plays during the hardest parts of the game.
Four days after the release of ''Double Spoiler'', ''[[Oriental Sacred Place]] 1 '' was released, with a ''[[Oriental Sacred Place 1 (CD)|CD]] '' included. One of the CD's tracks is ''"Youkai Modern Colony'' " ({{lang|ja|妖怪モダンコロニー}}), which is the full version of song from ''Double Spoiler'', according to ZUN. ''"Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare'' " was also slightly rearranged arranged and featured in the 5.5th album of "ZUN's Music Collection", ''[[Unknown Flower, Mesmerizing Journey]] '' ({{lang|ja|未知の花 魅知の旅}}).

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