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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Byakuren Hijiri

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Magazine Content

(ひじり) (びゃく) (れん)
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Byakuren Hijiri
Place of Activity
Myouren Temple
Main Abilities
Using magic
(Specializes in magic that increases one's physical abilities)
Helping weak youkai
白蓮は元人間の魔法使いだ。「東方星蓮船」ラスボスとして初登場し、以降は幻想郷初の寺院・命蓮寺の主として存在感を放っている。 Byakuren is a magician that used to be human. She first appeared as the final boss of Undefined Fantastic Object, and since then, she's acted as the main presence of the Myouren Temple, the first temple erected in Gensokyo.
もともとは妖怪の味方をし過ぎたことで人間たちによって魔界に封印されていた白蓮だが、間欠泉が湧いた際に(※「地霊殿」の異変)白蓮の封印を解くカギである飛倉の欠片が地上に飛び出し、かつて白蓮に音を受けた妖怪たちはそれを知って白蓮復活のために奔走したのが「星蓮船」で起こった異変の本質だ。また「風神録」から「心綺楼」までの異変は、発生した原因が芋づる式につながっているので守矢の影響力の大きさを再確認できる。 Originally, Byakuren was sealed away in Makai by the humans for being too friendly with the youkai, but thanks to a geyser eruption (read: The Subterranean Animism incident), pieces of the Flying Storehouse--the key to freeing Byakuren--flew out of the ground, and the youkai that were once heard by Byakuren made an effort to use those fragments to revive her. This was the essence of the incident that occurred in Undefined Fantastic Object. Once again, the magnitude of the Moriyas' influence can be reconfirmed thanks to the incidents that occurred in succession from Mountain of Faith to Hopeless Masquerade.
4人目の魔法使い The Fourth Magician
魔理沙、パチュリー、アリスに続く4人目の魔法使いだが、他の3人と異なり自らの身体強化用の魔法を得意としている。白蓮は修業で法術……というよりは妖術や魔術を会得して(人間をやめて)魔法使いになった存在で、不老不死への興味を持つ魔理沙の先輩とも言える。 Byakuren is the fourth magician in the series so far, following Marisa, Patchouli, and Alice, but unlike the other three, she specializes in magic that strengthens her physical body. Byakuren became a magician through training...or rather, she became a magician by gaining knowledge of witchcraft and black magic (abandoning her human nature in the process) in an attempt to become immortal. One can consider her to be Marisa's senpai.
死への恐怖から法術を修めた白蓮は、自らの術を維持するために表では人間のために妖怪を退治し、裏では力のない妖怪を助けていた。単に自分のためだけに妖怪を助けていた白蓮だが、やがて弱き者たちへの思いは本物になっていき、多くの妖怪たちに慕われることになったのだ。 Byakuren, who studied that type of magic out of a fear of death, put on a façade of exterminating youkai for the humans while actually helping those youkai at the same time in order to maintain that magic. Initially, Byakuren helped the youkai for selfish reasons, but eventually, her feelings of love towards the youkai became real, and a lot of youkai loved her in return.

Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
東方で初のお坊さんキャラです。全くお坊さんらしくないキャラを出そうと思って。見た目はお経以外まったくお坊さんらしくないけど、中身はちゃんとお坊さんしてます。まあお坊さんが魔法使いになっちゃダメだよね。仏教の中でも密教のイメージが強い、仙人に近い感じを意識しています。魔法を唱えるんじゃなくて読経して強くなる、という謎の設定を考えてました。だから効果は物理系。仏教だけに「ブツ」理。 The first Buddhist monk character in Touhou! I wanted to make a character that doesn't resemble a monk in the slightest. At first glance, she has no qualities of a Buddhist monk except for the sutras, but on the inside, she's a bonafide monk. Though, I don't think we should be letting monks become magicians. Among Buddhist concepts, I'm conscious of the feeling that she's pretty close to a hermit, giving off a strong impression of esoteric Buddhism. I've thought about setting a mysterious setting where she'd become stronger through reading sutras rather than casting spells, so the effects would just be physical. Since it's Buddhism, it'd be quite the "striking"[1] principle.

Book Content

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  1. A pun on the Japanese term for Buddhism 仏教 (ぶっきょう, "bukkyo") and (possibly) "butsu" (打つ), meaning "to strike".