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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Places of Activity:
Misty Lake, etc.
Main Abilities:
Capable of manipulating cold
氷の妖精 An Ice Fairy
チルノは氷の妖精である。「紅魔郷」2面のボスとして初登場したが、異変解決を急ぐ霊夢らに倒された。普段は妖怪の山の麓にある「霧の湖」の付近に棲んでいるようだが、正確な棲家はわかっていない。 Cirno is an ice fairy. She first appeared as the Stage 2 boss of "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil", but was defeated by Reimu and co. as they hurried to solve the incident. She seems to typically dwell near the "Misty Lake" in the foothills of the Youkai Mountain, but the location of her specific residence is unknown.
冷気を操り、あらゆるもの(ときには弾幕ですら)を凍らせることができる能力を持っている。冷気は小さなものであれば瞬時に凍ってしまうほどで、チルノが寝ているときも放出されているようである。 She has the ability to manipulate cold, and freeze absolutely anything (even danmaku, at times). The cold is severe enough to instantly freeze small objects, and she seems to emanate it even while sleeping.
妖精としての立ち位置 Her Position as a Fairy
妖精は自然現象と密接に関係しており、幻想郷のいたるところに存在している。多くの妖精はさほど危険な存在ではないが、チルノは少し喧嘩っ早いところがあり、能力の冷気も強力なので、幻想郷では比較的強い妖精である。実際妖精が集まる霧の湖ではリーダー的な立場にいるようだ。ただし強いのはあくまで能力であり、頭は弱い。もっともあまり物事を考えないのは妖精全般に当てはまる特徴と言える。 Fairies are closely related to phenomena that occur in nature, and can be found just about anywhere in Gensokyo. Most fairies aren't very dangerous, but since Cirno is quick to pick fights and has powerful control over cold, she's a relatively strong fairy within Gensokyo. In fact, she serves as somewhat of a leader for the fairies that gather around the Misty Lake. Her power is all that's strong about her, though; she's not smart at all. Nearly all fairies are similar in this respect, hardly paying any thought to most things that go on.
またこれも妖精の特徴だが、総じていたずら好きである。チルノは能力を使って蛙を凍らせては、水につけて生き返らせるいたずらをしばしばしている。ただ沼で蛙を凍らせていたところ、沼の主である大ガマの妖怪に食べられるという痛い目にあったこともある。 Another trait that most fairies share is a penchant for mischief. In Cirno's case, she uses her ability to freeze frogs, then thaw them back to life on a somewhat regular basis. But there have also been times when she got in big trouble for this, such as when she froze frogs at the Giant Toad's Pond, and was eaten in retaliation by the giant toad youkai that rules the pond.
東方Project作品では、チルノは登場回数が多いキャラクターの一人だ。特に「花映塚」では妖精の中で唯一自機として出演し、第12.8弾「妖精大戦争」では主人公まで務めている。今後の作品でも、新たな活躍が望めるかもしれない。 Cirno is one of several characters who appears many times throughout the Touhou series. In particular, she's the one fairy who's appeared as a playable character in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View", and even served as the protagonist of the 12.8th game, "Fairy Wars". Fans may be able to look forward to new appearances by her in future games, too.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
全然ストーリーに関係ないキャラなんだけど、だから使いやすかったのかもしれない。深い設定が無くて、性格がハッキリしてるからね。氷の妖精にしたイメージは、霧の湖に日が差さないから寒い。幻想郷全体もレミリアの霧に包まれて寒い。それくらいですよ(笑)。 She's a character that had zero relation to the story, but that might be what makes her so easy to use. She has no deep backstory, after all, and she's got a clearly-defined personality. I created her with an 'ice fairy' motif because the Misty Lake doesn't get any sun, so it's cold there. Gensokyo as a whole was also pretty cold, since Remilia's mist was covering it. That's about all there is (laugh).