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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Medicine Melancholy
鈴蘭畑と人形 A Lily-of-the-Valley Field and a Doll
長い間捨てられていた人形が、自分で動くように変化した妖怪がメディンスン・メランコリーだ。「花映塚」では、特定キャラを自機に選んだ際、敵として現れる。元は腹話術用の大きさ程の人形だったので、人形としては比較的大きいが、妖怪の中では小さい。 Medicine Melancholy is a doll who had been abandoned for a long time, and eventually transformed into a youkai who can move around on her own. Depending on which character the player chooses in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View", she may be encountered as an enemy. She was originally a doll that was about the size of a ventriloquist's dummy, so she's relatively large by doll standards, but small for a youkai.
人形が捨てられていたのは、鈴蘭が群生している「無名の丘」と呼ばれる場所である。永琳はメディスンと戦った鈴仙から話を聞いて、鈴蘭の毒が人形を妖怪にしてしまったのではないかと推察した。いつ人形が捨てられ、どのくらいの年月をかけ妖怪になったのかはわからないが、妖怪になってからはまだ数年程度の新米である。自分を捨てた人間がにくいからか、人形を人間から解放しようと考えている節がある。 The doll was abandoned at a place called the "Hill of the Nameless", which is covered in lilies-of-the-valley. Eirin, upon hearing Reisen's account of fighting Medicine, speculated that the plants' poison may have been what transformed her into a youkai. When the doll was abandoned and how long it took to become a youkai are unknown, but she's only existed as a youkai for several years, making her a relative newcomer. Perhaps out of resentment for the humans who abandoned her, liberating dolls from humans is a subject that's often on her mind.
小さな猛毒使い The Little Poison-User
鈴蘭畑に長い間捨てられていたせいか、植物の毒をはじめ、さまざまな毒を操る程度の能力を身につけた。自信も毒を持っているようで、メディスンに直接触れると爛れなどの症状が出る。また毒はダメージを与えるだけでなく、人間を操るといったことも可能だ。ちなみに彼女の身体は人形のままなので、自らは毒の影響を受けない。 Possibly because she was abandoned in a lily-of-the-valley field for so long, she gained the ability to manipulate various poisons, starting with plant-based poisons. Medicine herself is also poisonous, to the point where directly touching her can result in symptoms such as inflammation. In addition to using poison simply to cause harm, she can also use it for things such as controlling humans. Incidentally, since her body is still that of a doll, the poison doesn't affect her at all.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
「花映塚」でメインキャラは文のルートに行くんだけど、その他のキャラが会う相手として生まれました。こっちに行ってはいけなかったっていう外れルートのイメージで。だから毒を操る能力なの。あとは60年前を知らない。生まれたばかりの妖怪を出したかった。設定的に不遇だから使いづらいよね。雛とかパルスィとか。他にも不遇なキャラはいるけど、みんな使いづらいよね(笑)。 The main characters all fight Aya in their routes in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View," but Medicine was created as a character for the other cast members to fight. As a sort of "bad route," where the characters realize "wuh-oh, I shouldn't have gone this way!" Hence her ability to control poison. Also, she doesn't know what things were like 60 years ago; I wanted to introduce a youkai who'd just been born. I wrote her as a character who's been languishing in obscurity, but that makes her pretty hard to use, doesn't it? Like Hina or Parsee. There's other "languishing in obscurity" characters besides them too, but they're all so hard to use (laugh).

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Medicine Melancholy




Character Data
Character Data
Species: Tengu[1]
Place of Activity: Hill of the Nameless
Main Ability: Ability to manipulate poison
Appearances: "Phantasmagoria of Flower View," etc.
Spell Cards
Spell Cards
Poison Sign "A Poison for Melancholy"
Confusion "Into Delirium"

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