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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Remilia Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet
Places of Activity
Scarlet Devil Mansion
Hakurei Shrine (Remilia)
Special Abilities
Ability to Manipulate Fate (Remilia)
Ability to Destroy Anything (Flandre)
Whatever her curiosity leads her to (Remilia)
Unknown (Flandre)
Example Spellcards
"Red Magic" (Remilia)
Taboo "Lävatein" (Flandre)
Young Girls
Wings on Back
紅い悪魔 The Scarlet Devil
レミリア・スカーレットは、幻想郷では珍しい吸血鬼だ。この種族は一般によく知られている通り、数々の強大な力を持つ一方で苦手なものが多い。彼女もその例にもれず、日光が苦手だった。そこで、昼間も外で楽しく過ごしたい彼女は、日光を遮ることにした。幻想郷を深く紅い霧で覆い尽くそうとしたのだ。そして当然のことながら、それを察知した博麗の巫女・霊夢に懲らしめられることとなる。この通称「紅霧異変」のあらましを描いた「東方紅魔郷」のラスボスとして初登場し、以降の作品にも時折顔を見せている。 Remilia Scarlet is a vampire, which are rare in Gensokyo. Vampires are basically as they are commonly known, with many powerful abilities coupled with plenty of weaknesses. Obviously that includes a weakness to sunlight. Therefore, when she wanted to go outside and have fun she schemed to block the sunlight. She covered Gensokyo in a deep red mist. And then, naturally, Reimu the Hakurei shrine maiden caught wind of this and punished her for it. That's pretty much the gist of what's known as the "Scarlet Mist Incident" which served as the plot of "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil", where she made her debut as the final boss. Since then, she's shown up several times.
彼女は500年以上も生きているが、その外見と同様に思考も幼く、残虐さと好奇心に溢れている。普段は紅魔館で暮らしていて、メイド長の咲夜にワガママを言い付けたり、特製の紅茶を嗜んだりしているようだ。果たしてそれが本当に紅茶かどうかは知る由もないが。なお、冒頭では苦手なものが多いと書いたが、全く我慢できないわけではなく、日光なら日傘を差すだけで十分しのげる程度のようだ。 Although she is over 500 years old, both her cruelty and curiosity match her youthful appearance. She seems to normally stay in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, giving her head maid Sakuya selfish orders, or enjoying her special red teas. As you might expect, there's no way to tell if those are really teas though. Furthermore, while we did write at the outset that she has a lot of weaknesses, that doesn't mean she can't deal with them at all. For example, she can handle sunlight simply by holding a parasol.
スペルカードルール The Spellcard Rules
この紅霧異変で特徴的なのは、幻想郷で初めてスペルカードが使われたということだ。ルール制定以前、紅魔館とともに幻想郷にやって来たレミリアは、当時の妖怪たちの気が抜けていたこともあって好き放題に暴れていたことがある。この「やんちゃ」がルール制定のきっかけになっており、新しくルールが制定されたら早速とばかりに起こされたのが、紅霧異変なのだ。そういう意味で、彼女はスペルカードのベテラン、と言えるかもしれない。 The Scarlet Mist Incident is notable for being the first time spellcards were used in Gensokyo. Before the rules were established, Remilia, who had come to Gensokyo along with the Scarlet Devil Mansion, had rampaged however she pleased until the other youkai of the time were sick of it. Immediately after the rules were established to reign in this new "rascal", she started the Scarlet Mist Incident, as if to use them as soon as possible. In that sense you could say she is a spellcard veteran.
これ以降レミリアが単独で起こした異変は無いが、代わりにしばらくのあいだご執心だったのが「月」である。 Since then, Remilia hasn't started any incidents on her own, but in exchange she became fascinated with the moon for a while.
退屈と好奇心 Her Boredom and Curiosity
普通の人間程度であれば、長く生きているとおおらかになったり感性が摩耗する。だが、吸血鬼のレミリアにとっては誕生から500年という時間はまだまだ短く、世界への興味は尽きないようだ。幼い容姿がそうさせるのか、紅魔館からあまり出ない生活がそうさせるのかはわからない。とにかく彼女の好奇心は「月」を求めた。パチュリーに行き方の魔法を研究させ、咲夜にそのための材料を集めさせ、自分たちの力だけでは困難と悟ると、紫の企てに乗っかって本当に月へとたどり着いてしまった(※「東方香霖堂」第18話、漫画版「東方儚月抄」などに詳しい)。なんにせよ、彼女が動こうとすれば周りのものは振り回される。運命を操る能力とは、そういうことを言っている……のではないだろうが、影響力は大きい。ここ数年は目立った動きは見せていないが、単に出番が回ってきていないだけだろう。今後もなにをしでかすかわからないキャラクターだ。 With normal humans, we generally expect them to become more composed, or at least less excitable, as they get older. However, as a vampire, 500 years have been far too short for Remilia and she remains full of boundless curiosity towards the world. Perhaps it's her youthful appearance that makes her this way, or perhaps it's because she doesn't leave the mansion that often. Either way, her curiosity found itself drawn to the moon. She had Patchouli research the magic to get there, Sakuya collect the necessary materials, and then, eventually realizing how much difficult this would be on their own, ended up hitching a ride on Yukari's plan to actually reach the moon (*the details can be found in "Curiosities of Lotus Asia" chapter 18, the manga "Silent Sinner in Blue", and other places). At any rate, once she sets her eye on something, everyone around her gets drafted into helping. You could say this is what it means to control fate... but you'd probably be wrong. Either way, she has a lot of clout. She hasn't done anything notable in the last few years, but surely her turn has simply yet to come up again. Who knows what sort of messes she'll get herself into in the future? That's the sort of character she is.
幽閉された「悪魔の妹」 The Imprisoned "Devil's Sister"
レミリアには血の繋がった妹がいる。「紅魔郷」エキストラステージのボスとして登場したフランドールだ。だが、彼女は紅魔館の主人であるレミリアの妹というポジションにもかかわらず、普段は紅魔館から外に出ないよう紅魔館の住人たちによって出入りを制限されている。 Remilia has a sister connected by blood. Her name is Flandre, and she made her debut as the boss of the Extra stage in "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil". However, despite being the sister of the mistress of the house, she is normally prevented from leaving by the other residents.
フランドールが持つ「ありとあらゆるものを破壊する程度」の能力はその名が示す通り物騒極まりない代物で、しかも破壊に当たっては対象に触れる必要すらないという恐ろしいものだ。吸血鬼の強さは主に圧倒的な身体能力による部分が大きいが、それとは別にこんな恐ろしい能力を持っているのだから、ひとたび暴れたらどうなるかわからない。ただ、日常的に彼女と接点を持つ者は紅魔館の中にもほとんどおらず、また彼女自身ほとんど紅魔館の外に出ようとはしないこともあって、ほとんどの部分が謎に包まれている。姉妹仲がどうかなども謎だ。 Flandre's power to "Destroy Anything" is just as dangerous as it sounds, and on top of that she doesn't even need to touch her target to destroy it. Quite the dreadful ability. A vampire's strength normally comes from their overwhelming physical prowess, but she has such a fearsome power as well. Who knows what would happen if she were to go on a rampage, even for a moment? However, even within the mansion almost nobody interacts with her in her daily life, and she herself hardly ever tries to leave, so most of her life is shrouded in mystery. Even things like her relationship with her sister is a mystery.
ただ「紅魔郷」エキストラステージで霊夢らと相対したことを通じて、弾幕ごっこ、つまりスペルカードを用いての勝負ならば自らの危険すぎる能力を気にせず他者と交流を持てることに気づいたことは、フランドールにとって大きな変化だったのではないだろうか……そう思えてならない。 Still, through her encounter with Reimu and Marisa in the Extra stage of "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil", she realized that by playing danmaku, in other words fighting a duel using spellcards, she could have interactions with others without worrying about her far-too-dangerous power. Surely realizing this triggered a major change within her. ...Or so you can't help but think.

Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
「東方」なのに「西洋風」のボスを出したくって、吸血鬼になりました。「紅魔郷」は意外性をテーマにしている部分が大きいので、その一環ですね。外観が幼くなったのは、吸血鬼のキャラ付けとしては今やそんなに特徴的なものでもないですけど、長く生きているけど幼いというギャップがいいかなって。 Despite being Touhou ("Eastern"), I wanted to put in Western bosses, so they ended up as vampires. A major theme of "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" was being unexpected, so this was part of that. It doesn't really stand out among vampire characters these days, but I thought the gap between living a long time and being childish might work.
フランドールについては、当時のエキストラステージが本編のおまけ以上の意味は無かったので、おまけで出てくるキャラと言えば、本編キャラの兄弟姉妹かなという発想です。 As for Flandre, at the time I thought of the Extra stage as having no meaning other than being a bonus stage. So I thought "why not have this character who only shows up in the bonus be the sibling of someone from the main game?"
性格も見た目も全然異なるキャラがいいだろうということで、ああいうことに。翼は……吸血鬼も翼が無ければいけないっていうわけでもないでしょうし、ベーシックなイメージは蝙蝠の翼だったから、そうじゃない物をね。意外性、つまりなんでもありがテーマでしたから。弾幕にミステリ関連のものが多いのは、西洋ゴシック的な雰囲気がある種のミステリには多い気がしていて、吸血鬼と相性がいいかなって。 I felt she should be completely different from her sister in both appearance and personality, so that's how she ended up. As for her wings... it's not like vampires even need to have wings in the first place, but the basic image they have is with bat wings so I went for something other than that. It was all part of being unexpected, ie: anything goes. Her danmaku has a lot of references to mystery stories because I feel like a lot of mysteries use a Western Gothic atmosphere, so I thought it might go well with vampires.