Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Rumia

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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
宵闇の妖怪 Youkai of the Dusk
ルーミアは暗闇の妖怪である。「紅魔郷」1面にボスとして登場し、霊夢を食べてしまおうとするが、あっさりと倒された。一応人喰い妖怪だが、妖怪の中では比較的弱い部類に入る。頭にリボンを付けているが、これは御札である。誰が付けた何の御札かは全くわからないが、何かが施されているようで、ルーミア自身は触れることすらできない。普段は特に目的もなく、幻想郷をふよふよと飛んでいるだけという謎の妖怪である。 Rumia is a youkai of darkness. She appears as the first stage boss of "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" where she tries to eat Reimu, but is swiftly defeated. She is a man-eating youkai, but she falls into a weaker category of youkai. A ribbon is attached to her head, but this is actually an ofuda. It's unclear who attached it to her, though we do know that Rumia can't touch it herself. Usually, she doesn't have a purpose and is just a mysterious youkai flying aimlessly around Gensokyo.
闇は日光除け? Sunlight-Eliminating Darkness?
闇を操る程度の能力を持ち、大嫌いな日光をさけるため自分の周囲を闇夜のような暗さにしてしまう。その暗闇は、松明などの光もまったく役に立たないほど深い闇である。ただし闇を作り出せる範囲はごく限られている上、自分の視界もさえぎってしまうのが大きな弱点だ。そのため日光をさける以外でどのような使いどころがあるのか、いまひとつ不明である。日光が嫌いなのは、浴びると眠くなったり肌が荒れたりするかというが、月の光は大丈夫のようだ。月が出ている夜などであれば、闇をまとっていないルーミア本体の姿を見られるかもしれない。 Rumia is capable of manipulating darkness. She hates sunlight, which she often surrounds herself with pitch-black darkness in order to avoid. The darkness is deep enough to render light from torches and the like useless. However, the range of her darkness is very limited, and a major disadvantage is that it blinds Rumia herself as well. Therefore, it's currently unknown whether it even has any uses other than avoiding sunlight. It's said that she hates sunlight since it makes her drowsy and her skin itchy, but she's fine in moonlight. On nights where a full moon is out, you may be able to see Rumia outside of her darkness.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
最初にボスとして出てくる敵の能力が強そう、だけど……という出オチのためだけのキャラだよね。今考えてもかなり謎の妖怪です。でもそういうおバカで弱いキャラを出したかったんだよね。ミスティアとは逆に自分の周りが見えなくなるだけだから、場所はすぐバレそう。 She basically existed as a punchline. "The first boss that shows up has an ability that sounds strong, but then she's just... welp." She's a rather mysterious youkai, now that I think about it. But I wanted to have that sort of stupid, weak character show up. In contrast to Mystia, she can only make her immediate surroundings dark, so you can tell where she is right away.