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Magazine Content[edit]

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Book Content[edit]

() (しん) サグメ

Sagume Kishin




She's gotten a second year junior-ish setup, so I prepared that kind of appearance for her. By the way, Ame-no-Sagume is often equated with the Amanojaku. I think she's a seperate entity from the mythological existence of Ame-no-Sagume and the demonic existence of the Amanojaku. I incorporated a similar motif in her clothes.


I think she's gotten one of the most top-ranked story-breaking abilities in Touhou. To be frank, the difficulty in handling it is also top rank. (haha)


Akio Hiiragi


Above all, I like the mysterious impression of the simple coordination of the arrow shapes on her dress's hem, along with her single wing. Establishing the hem arrows' directions and figuring out how to orient them was more difficult than expected, so I reworked the draft many times.

Character Data

Character Data
Species: Lunarian
Place of Activity: Moon Capital
Main Abilities: Ability to reverse a situation with her words
Appearances: "Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom"

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Orb Sign "Disorderly Flock's Curse"
"One-Winged White Heron"


One of the Lunar Sages who first debuted in stage 4 of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. In order to protect the Lunar Capital from the attacks organized by Junko and the others, she asked Doremy to evacuate the Lunarians to the Dream World's Lunar Capital and to guard the pathway to Earth. Although Sagume herself remained in the Lunar Capital, she felt that she could entrust the person travelling through the passage of dreams with the situation, so she started a battle to test their strength.


She's extremely taciturn since she has the powerful ability to reverse a situation with her words. Also, she was the one who had mixed in the moon stone as an Occult Ball, causing the urban legend incident.


As a sage of the same moon, it's very clear that she still has respect for Eirin Yagokoro, who had descended to Earth.