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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Toyosatomimi no Miko

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Magazine Content

(とよ) (さと) (みみ) () ()
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Toyosatomimi no Miko
Saint (Shikaisen)
Place of Activity
Her Hermit World, Gensokyo
Main Abilities
Ability to listen to 10 different people at once
神子は遥か昔の為政者だ。「東方神霊廟」のラスボスとして初登場して以来、幻想郷のパワーバランスに影響を及ぼしている。 Long ago, Miko was a politician. Ever since her first appearance as the final boss of Ten Desires, she's managed to influence Gensokyo's power balance.
もともとの彼女は生まれながらに備わる超人的な能力で多くの偉業を成したのち、不老不死を得る手段として尸解仙(しかいせん/死後仙人となった存在)になるべく眠りについていた。生前、国を支配しやすくするために仏教を布教した神子は、仏教での支配に人々が限界を感じたころに聖人として復活・君臨するつもりだったが、そのたくらみは僧侶たちに見抜かれ、長いあいだ目覚めぬよう封じられてきた。 Originally, she performed many feats with her innate superhuman abilities, but eventually, as a means of gaining immortality, she went into a deep sleep in order to become a Shikaisen (a person who becomes a hermit after death). During her lifetime, Miko preached Buddhism as a means of making ruling the country easier, but eventually intended to reawaken as a saint once the people felt the limits of Buddhist precepts. However, in the end, her scheme was found out and she was sealed away by monks so she could never wake up.
さらに長い時間が経つと、外の世界では神子のあまりの業績ゆえ、その真実性や実在が疑問視されるようになった。だが神子はこれ幸いと、眠りについていた廟ごと幻想郷に移動。さあ今度こそ復活しようと思ったら、これまで幻想郷になかったはずの寺院が霊廟の真上に建てられているではないか。こうして神子と命蓮寺の確執は始まったのだった……。ちなみになぜ命蓮寺が霊廟を封じていたかというと、人間側の強力な為政者は妖怪たちにとって危険という白蓮の判断から。 After more time had passed, the people of the Outside World became skeptical of the authenticity and actuality of Miko's tremendous achievements, but Miko was fortunate enough that the mausoleum she slept in was relocated to Gensokyo as a result. Except, as Miko thought about making a come-back this time around, a Buddhist temple was built right above her mausoleum. Thus, the feud between Miko and the Myouren Temple began.... By the way, the reason that the Myouren Temple was sealing the mausoleum was because Byakuren had concluded that powerful human rulers would've been dangerous for the youkai.
神子の能力と聖人について Miko's Ability and Regarding her Title of "Saint"
いっぺんに十人から話しかけられても、それぞれの話を聞き分けて理解するという超人的な能力だが、聴覚が鋭すぎるため普段は耳当てで制御しているようだ(※ヘッドフォンではない)。この力はあくまで神子の超人的な能力を語るエピソードのひとつでしかないうえ、修業によって道術を見につけているのでその力は計り知れない。なお「聖人」が種族として適当かどうかは謎の部分だ。 Miko has the superhuman ability to listen to and understand every conversation, even if ten people are speaking at once, but it seems that this ability has made her hearing exceptionally sharp, so she's usually seen wearing earmuffs in order to keep said ability under control (No, they're not headphones). This power is but one of many anecdotes that describes Miko's superhuman abilities, and because she's learned of Taoism through her training, her power is immeasurable. Whether or not "Saint" is an appropriate name for her species remains a mystery.

Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
元の人物のイメージが強いので、あまりそれを壊さないようにしています。でも仏教の人じゃなくて、日本でなじみの薄い道教の人として出すのが面白いかなって。「心綺楼」でマントを付けたら信長っぽいイメージになったけど(笑)。自分を超人的に見せるという意味では白蓮と似てるけど、神子のほうが超人感があって、登場後もがんばって超人をやってます。仙人たちの中では達観したほうですが、本人は修行中。 The impression of Miko's origin figure is powerful, so I tried not to destroy that too much. Though I felt it would've been more interesting to make her a Taoist who's unfamiliar with Japan rather than a Buddhist. When I gave her a cloak in "Hopeless Masquerade", I made her look like Nobunaga (haha). She's similar to Byakuren in the sense that she certainly looks superhuman, but Miko is more superhuman in that she gives it her all, even after her debut appearance.

Book Content

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