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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Wriggle Nightbug
蛍の妖怪 A Firefly Youkai
リグル・ナイトバグは蟲の妖怪である。「永夜抄」1面のボスとして登場したが、霊夢たちにはからかわれた上倒されてしまった。 Wriggle Nightbug is an insect youkai. She made her debut as the Stage 1 boss of "Imperishable Night," but mostly just got mocked by Reimu and co. and was defeated by them.
いろいろな種類の蟲がいるが、リグルは蛍の妖怪だ。触覚と羽が生えてはいるが、姿はほぼ小さな人間の少女と変わらない。夏の虫であるためか寒さによわく、(当然?)殺虫剤も苦手である。かつて蟲の妖怪は人間から、恐怖・畏怖の感情を抱かれる存在であったが、現在はそういった感情は大分失われてしまったようだ。 There are many types of insects, but Wriggle in particular is a firefly. She has antennae and wings, but apart from that, she doesn't look much different from a small human girl. Perhaps because she's a summer insect, she's weak to cold, and (obviously?) hates insecticide as well. Insect youkai were once symbols of fear and terror for humans, but it seems that nowadays, that sort of impression has largely been lost.
蟲の恐ろしさ The Terror of Insects
リグルは蟲を操ることができる。ほとんどの蟲は弱い力しか持たないが、大群となり数で攻めてこられると大きな脅威となり、何より気持ちが悪い。古来のような蟲に対する畏怖の感情は薄れた今であるが、気持ち悪さという点ではかなりの恐怖を与えられる能力かもしれない。また彼女が操る蟲の中でも特におそろしいのが、非常に小さい上に蟲を持っている恙虫 (ツツガムシ) という蟲である。リグルが本気を出すと、この蟲を大量に召喚され、毒にやられてしまう。地味ではあるが怖い攻撃手段であると言える。 Wriggle is able to manipulate insects. Most insects are very weak, but they can be terrifying when they attack with sheer numbers, and above all else, they're gross. The fear and awe that they inspired in people long ago may have weakened nowadays, but the gross-out aspect may make her ability a particularly terrifying one. Also, the most particularly frightening insects in her arsenal are harvest mites, which are both extremely small and venomous. If Wriggle were to get serious, she could summon these mites en masse and incapacitate you with the venom. It's a rather plain method of attack, but also a frightening one.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
虫のトップってなんだろうって思って。男の子だったらカブト虫だったかもだけど。夜のステージだからホタルがいいだろうっていうシンプルな発想でできました。虫っていいよね。昆虫大好き。ちょっと人を選ぶから、なかなかやれないけど。 I thought to myself, "what's the highest-ranking insect around?". If I were a young boy, I might've said "rhinoceros beetle", but I arrived at the rather simple conclusion that since it was a night stage, a firefly would be good. Insects are great. I really love insects. They're kind of a niche interest, though, so it's hard to find other people who like them.

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