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Magazine Content[edit]

(ほし) (ぐま) (ゆう) ()
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Yuugi Hoshiguma
Places of Activity
Former Hell
Special Abilities
Ability to wield unexplainable phenomena
Drinking Parties
勇儀は鬼である。普段は地底深くの旧地獄、通称旧都の繁華街で鬼らしく酒を飲んで暮らしていた。「地霊殿」3面では珍しい客人の来訪を知って力比べを挑んでくる。鬼らしい性格の持ち主で力の強い者、勇気のある者、正直な者に好感を覚えるため、霊夢らのことはたいそう気に入ったようだ。 Yuugi is an oni who once lived underground in the downtown area of Former Hell, commonly known as the Former Capital, drinking like an oni. During stage 3 of Subterranean Animism, she found out about a rare visitor's arrival and challenged her to a test of strength. She seemed to like Reimu and company because she liked people who are strong, brave, and honest, the characteristics of an oni.
山の四天王 Big Four of the Mountain
もともとは他の鬼と同じ地上で暮らしており、伊吹萃香らとともに山の四天王と呼ばれていた。四天王の中でも特に力自慢として知られており、仲間からも一目置かれる存在である。だが、幻想郷から鬼が居なくなり勇儀もその姿をくらませていた。旧都で彼女と遭遇するまでは、幻想郷で大っぴらに活動する鬼といえば「萃夢想」で帰ってきた萃香くらいのものだったのだ。鬼にはちゃんと仲間意識があるものの、それぞれが単独で行動し、お互いに深くは干渉しない傾向がある。そのため勇儀も萃香がどこに行ったかは知らなかったようだ。なお勇儀と萃香の会話から、萃香も一時期は旧都にいたことが判明している。 Originally, she lived above ground alongside Suika Ibuki, among two other oni, and made up the Big Four of the Mountain. She's known to boast the most strength of the Big Four, and she's well-known among her peers. But eventually, Yuugi, along with the other oni, ended up disappearing from Gensokyo. Until Yuugi encountered her at the Former Capital, the only publicly active oni in Gensokyo was Suika, who made her return since Immaterial and Missing Power. Although the oni have a good sense of companionship, they each act independently and tend to not interfere with one another, therefore, Yuugi was unsure of Suika's whereabouts. A conversation between Suika and Yuugi revealed that Suika was also at the Former Capital for some time.
人間に愛想を尽かせて地上を去った勇儀だったが、力が支配する旧地獄の単純さを気に入って、気ままに暮らしていたところであった。 Yuugi, who had left the surface world after the humans ran of patience with her, proceeded to live a carefree life in Former Hell because she liked the simple, power-dominated landscape.
星熊盃 Hoshiguma Dish
勇儀が常にその手に持っている盃は「星熊盃」と呼ばれ、注がれたお酒のランクが上がる不思議な力があるという。たいていの酒は、たちどころに純米大吟醸酒となるんだとか。ちなみに「地霊殿」3面での勇儀は弾幕バトルの間でもその盃から酒を飲み続けるどころか、戦いが終わるまでに一滴もその盃から酒をこぼすことなく振る舞い、その力量のほどを見せつけた。 The saké dish that Yuugi carries with her is known as the "Hoshiguma Dish", and it has the mysterious power to raise the quality of any saké poured into it. Most of the saké poured into it immediately ends up becoming Junmai or Daiginjo saké. By the way, in stage 3 of Subterranean Animism, Yuugi not only continued to drink saké from the dish even as she was engaged in a danmaku battle, but she did so without spilling a drop throughout the entire battle, a demonstration of her power.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
地獄に来たら鬼が出るでしょうということで、鬼らしい鬼を目指しました。体育会系キャラにしたくて、体操着をイメージできるような服装デザインにしています。力自慢キャラには弾幕は不要なので普通は登場しないようなキャラですが、設定的に鬼を出す必要があったのでインチキ感のある弾幕を使ってきます。 Since I figured I should have oni show up when you're visiting Hell, I tried to make a very oni-like oni. I wanted to make a sporty character, so I designed her with clothes that could remind one of gym clothes. Normally I wouldn't introduce this sort of character, who's so confident in their strength that they don't even need danmaku, but in terms of the setting I needed an oni. So I gave her tricky danmaku.

Book Content[edit]

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