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宇佐見 (うさみ) 菫子 (すみれこ)
Sumireko Usami
ɯᵝsa̠mi sɯᵝmiɺ̠e̞ko̞
Sumireko Usami
Sumireko Usami in Antinomy of Common Flowers
Expose the Esoteric! The Secret Sealing Club's First President
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Human (native to the outside world)


Manipulating psychic powers


15-16 years old (as of Urban Legend in Limbo)


High school student at Higashifukami High


Kanto Region, Outside World

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Sumireko Usami (宇佐見 菫子 Usami Sumireko) is the main antagonist of Urban Legend in Limbo. She's a human from the Outside World with psychic powers (ESP). She is the first president of the Secret Sealing Club.

General Information[edit]

Sumireko first appeared as the Final Boss of Urban Legend in Limbo, and eventually becomes a playable character of the same game.


Sumireko is a high schooler with somewhat of a superiority complex. She considers herself above her peers and can't stand being near those she considers beneath her. Sometimes filled with unabashed bravado and confidence, a night in Gensokyo changes her tone to something a bit more humble. Following her defeat and the end of her Incident, Sumireko gains a sense of respect for the people of Gensokyo and decides to pursue friendship with them. Despite her somewhat naive personality, she is an intelligent and cunning young woman.


Using ESP

She is a strong psychic, an individual capable of various powers associated with the paranormal, including but seemingly not limited to levitation, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, telekinesis, psychokinesis, teleportation and astral projection.

Background Information[edit]


Her full name is Sumireko Usami (宇佐見 菫子 Usami Sumireko). Usami (宇佐見) uses the same writing as Renko Usami's surname and it is known to be an actual name in Japanese. Sumireko (菫子) literally means "violet child", and is also similar to how Renko's name means "lotus child", as both take their names from flowers.


Sumireko has brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair tied in pigtails. On her head is a black hat with a white bow along with red framed glasses. She wears a school uniform consisting of a purple plaid skirt and matching sleeveless top (resembling a jumper dress), over a long-sleeved white blouse and a black bolo tie with a clasp shaped like a "Quimbaya airplane". Along with this, she wears white socks with bows and black shoes. Sumireko generally carries zener cards and a tablet computer marked with a hexagram on the back. During the events of Urban Legend in Limbo she also wears white gloves and a black, high-collared cloak with a red interior inscribed with runes.

In Wild and Horned Hermit it is shown that she brings her hat to school, where she hangs it at the side of her desk. Her summer uniform appears nearly identical to her winter one, but with shorter and looser sleeves.

Sumireko's Appearances[edit]


Urban Legend in Limbo

Sumireko is the main antagonist of Urban Legend in Limbo and the final boss in most of the characters' scenarios in story mode.

Sumireko manages to go through the Great Hakurei Barrier by using the Occult Balls, which are special stones gathered from Mystery Spots in the Outside World. However, after a short period she is suddenly ejected from Gensokyo. Learning from this, Sumireko starts with brief excursions into Gensokyo to learn more about it, appearing to anyone who catches sight of her as an ominous black shadow.

Sumireko soon devises a plan to spread rumors of the Occult Ball's powers and scatters them around Gensokyo for its residents to find. Once the balls are gathered, they warp back to the Outside World, just for enough time for Sumireko to learn about them before they are transported back. She then re-enters Gensokyo and scatters the balls again, thus beginning the incident of Urban Legend in Limbo. Her plan works for a while, and although she is baffled at why everyone who comes out of Gensokyo ends up fighting her, she enjoys it nonetheless.

Soon enough, Mamizou Futatsuiwa is made aware the incident, and devises her own plan: she claims to have Gensokyo's own Occult Ball in her possession when challenging Sumireko, claiming it would allow her limitless travel between Gensokyo and the Outside World. Mamizou instead tricks Sumireko into entering Gensokyo the proper way, which does let her stay there, but as Sumireko does not know how to get back out, she is trapped in Gensokyo.

Sumireko's story mode in Urban Legend in Limbo follows her as she is trapped in Gensokyo, whose residents attempt to scare her to teach her a lesson. In the end she is confronted by Toyosatomimi no Miko, who reminds Sumireko that she can use the Occult Balls to escape Gensokyo temporarily. She returns to the Outside World, and believing she will eventually be killed by the youkai of Gensokyo, she decides that when her time in the Outside World runs out, she will sacrifice herself to, purportedly, unleash the full power of the Occult Balls and destroy the Great Hakurei Barrier.

Before being brought back to Gensokyo, she is confronted by Reimu, who realized that one of Sumireko's Occult Balls was swapped for a Lunar Capital ball, which if activated would link Gensokyo with the Lunar Capital instead. Reimu defeats her and prevents the Orbs from activating, and upon returning to Gensokyo she is detained by Reimu, Mamizou and Kasen Ibaraki. Deciding Sumireko was no longer a threat, they return her to the Outside World. A few days later, Sumireko reappears at the Hakurei Shrine, as she had discovered that ever since leaving Gensokyo, she could travel back there in her dreams.


Fujiwara no Mokou[edit]

Initially annoyed, Mokou challenged Sumireko to a duel. The two found each other's strength admirable, and once Mokou's time Outside is over, they parted ways in a dramatic fashion. Later, Mokou met Sumireko again in Gensokyo, and guided her out of the Bamboo Forest, notably not as silently as the former usually would. It seems the two of them have become fast friends.

Renko Usami[edit]

Due to her name, similar appearance, and involvement in the creation of the Secret Sealing Club, she may have some kind of relation to Renko. However, the specifics of this connection is as yet unknown. Her profile suggests she is an ancestor of Renko, from the present time.


Spell Cards[edit]


Additional Information[edit]

  • The silhouette of Sumireko occupies the front of Urban Legend in Limbo's jewel case.
  • Sumireko is the first final boss to be a human from outside Gensokyo since the PC-98 game Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, who was Yumemi Okazaki. Sumireko also has similarities to Yumemi besides this; both have an interest in magic, they tried to take an inhabitant of Gensokyo, they have a cape and had traps provided to lurk them into their area.
    • She is also the first fighting game final boss whose story mode scenario is not the last to be unlocked.
  • The runes on her cape do not appear to form any meaningful words, and some are even drawn from different runic alphabets (e.g. the old-form "sowilo" rune as written in Elder Futhark and the "stan" rune used by Anglo-Saxon writers hundreds of years later).
  • Inside the game data for Urban Legend in Limbo, a folder named "Hanako" can be found that contains three sprites of a silhouetted Sumireko holding her cell phone. It's possible that Hanako was a working name for her, or was intended to be her name.
  • Antinomy of Common Flowers confirms her to be a citizen of the Kanto Region. Incidentally, Renko's parents also live in Tokyo.


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