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Sunken Fossil World/Spell Cards/Kogasa Tatara

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Spell Card Story Mode 1
雨洞「レイニーケイブ」(Udou "Reinii Keibu")
Rain Cavern "Rainy Cave"
Kogasa Tatara
Stage 2 (Reimu, Murasa), Stage A2 (Flandre)
Spell Card Story Mode 2
水砲「グラウンドウォーターストリーム」(Suihou "Guraundo Wootaa Sutoriimu")
Water Cannon "Ground Water Stream"
Kogasa Tatara
Stage 2 (Reimu), Stage A2 (Flandre)
Spell Card Story Mode 3
跳傘「大時化サプライズ」(Hanegasa "Ooshike Sapuraizu")
Leaping Umbrella "Stormy Weather Surprise"
Kogasa Tatara
Stage 2 (Murasa)