Symposium of Post-mysticism/Afterword by ZUN

Page 180-181
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あとがき Afterword
 あ、どうもZUNです。今回はこの本を手にとって頂き誠に有難うございます。幻想郷縁起を補填する為に書き始めたのですが、ただキャラ達の設定をだらだら並べるだけの本では面白くないと思って、キャラ同士の対談を入れました。そのお陰で随分と特殊な本となってしまいましたが……。 Ah, hello, this is ZUN. I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for reading this book. I began this as a supplement to the Gensokyo Chronicle, but I thought that it would be boring with just page after page of character profiles, so I also included a discussion between some of the characters. With that, it seems to have turned into a pretty unique book...
 作品の枠を超えてキャラ同士が絡み合う事はよく行われていると思いますが、トップ同士の対談というのは恐らく日常的には行われていません。幻想郷では強い者同士はお互い接触を避ける傾向にあります。その理由は、今回の対談の最後で判るでしょう。 I would think that the characters have plenty of interaction with each other outside the frame of the games and books, but a meeting among the elite doesn't happen every day. In Gensokyo, the stronger ones tend to avoid contact with one another, with the reason being clear by the end of this symposium.
 幻想郷縁起を書いていて、意外とキャラに色んなバックボーンがある事に気付かされました(お前が気付いてどうする)。ゲームではただ弾幕を出すだけの障害物ですし、キャラの設定は弾幕のネタを作る為に用意しているのですが、こういう本で纏めてみるとキャラがゲームから飛び出して生きてくる気がします。中には収拾が付かないくらい一人歩きして困るキャラも……。 While I was writing the new profiles Gensokyo Chronicle, I was surprised by the realization that the characters had some rather deep backgrounds (better late than never). They're just obstacles that shoot danmaku at you in the games, after all, and their stories were created in order to design their danmaku, but in putting this sort of book together it feels like the characters really jump out of the game. There were even troublesome ones that seemed to move about on their own...
 今回、ちょっと地霊殿のキャラの扱いが悪いですが、これも地底に居るキャラは嫌われ者で、接触が少ないという理由からです。まあ、さとりが出てきて話してもおかしな事になるだけですし、お空が出ても話になりそうに無いですしね。 The treatment of the Subterranean Animism characters is a bit poor. However, it is only because there is so little contact with them, living underground in some sort of socially-imposed exile. Even if Satori were to have joined, it would've made the story weird, and Okuu wouldn't have made it too interesting either.
 あー、それから今回出てきて居ないキャラや、新聞でしか触れられていないキャラが何人か居ます。一応当初の目標は全員触れようという事でしたが、設定上阿求や神奈子、白蓮、神子と全く接点がない[1]キャラはやはり出す事が出来ませんでした。 Oh, and there were some characters that didn't make it in at all, and others that were only touched upon by the newspaper articles. The original idea was to get to all of the characters, but due to the story, characters that Akyuu, Kanako, Byakuren, or Miko wouldn't have had any contact with couldn't have made it in.
 それじゃあ駄目だろうと言う事で、最後に私本人によるおまけの解説インタビューを収録してあります。 For those who're still unsatisfied, I have included an explanatory interview with me as a bonus at the end.
 何はともあれイラストを描いて頂いた匡吉さん、阿桜さん、あずまあやさん、キツネさん、TOKIAMEさん、それとギリギリまで柔軟に対応して頂いた小此木さん、どうも有難うございました。 At any rate, I'd like to thank those who did the illustrations: Masakichi, Asakura, Aya Azuma, Kitsune, TOKIAME, as well as Mr. Okonogi, remained flexible until the very end.
 それではまた何処かでお会いしましょう。出来ればお洒落なバーで。 Let's meet again somewhere, shall we? If possible, in a stylish bar.
博麗神主 ZUN Hakurei Kannushi, ZUN
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  1. In original text it is misprinted as "全くない接点がキャラ".