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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru Newspaper 13

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第九十五季 卯月の三 Season 95, Uzuki issue #3 (est. 1980/05/14 ~ 1980/06/13)
霞網の是非は如何に? The Pros and Cons of the Nets
垂直に張られた網の正体とは What is the purpose of the hanging webbing?
 霞網の是非に関わる協議会が行われた。霞網とは、山中に垂直に張られた網の事で、寝ぼけていると引っかかったりしてしまう為、見つけ次第撤去をするのだが、またすぐに張り直されたりといたちごっこを繰り返していた。長らく誰が何の為に張ったのか不明であったが、最近その謎が解明した。 A conference was held to discuss the positives and negatives of the mist nets. A mist net is a net that is hung in certain areas in the mountains, but since things can get caught on it when they are half-asleep, they are supposed to be taken down when found. However, someone has been putting them back up soon after. There was no clue as to the identity of the person who had been doing this and why they had been doing it for so long, but recently this mystery has been solved.
 霞網は、空中に漂う霞を集める為に張られているのだという。霞は仙人の主食であり、比較的高値で取引が行われているとされる。その装置を発明したのは河童だ。 It is said that mist nets are there for gathering mist floating in air. Mist is the main diet for hermits, and it is said to be sold for a relatively high price. The ones who invented them were the kappa.
 霞を捕まえて売る事が出来れば確かに経済が潤うだろう。しかし、網のお陰で鳥達にも被害が出ているという問題点も無視できず存在し、協議会は白熱した。 While the sales of this commodity may benefit the economy, the nets have been causing harm to birds. The conference boiled over with the sentiment that this problem could no longer be ignored.
 妖怪の山に住む仙人、茨木華扇さんはこう語る。 The hermit living in Youkai Mountain, Ms. Kasen Ibaraki says:
「あ、いや、霞って……網で捕まえるもんだったんですか? それはともかく、野生の鳥に被害が出るのであれば、禁止した方が良くありませんか?」 "Um, sorry, but did you just say you catch mist with a net? Be that as it may, shouldn't we need to ban them, if they're causing harm to the wild birds?"
 河童は、野生の鳥に被害が出るのであれば被害が出ないように改良するだけだ、我々には霞を取る権利がある、とあくまで強気だ。 The kappa remain aggressive, claiming that, "If the nets are hurting anyone, we will just modify them so they don't; we still have the right to catch mist!"
 それに対し華扇さんは、 In response, Ms. Ibaraki replied:
「霞ばっかり食べたりしないですよ。それに食べたとしてもその辺で簡単に手に入りますし……。わざわざ買う人が居るんですか?」 "We don't only eat mist. And even when we do, it's simple enough to gather some on our own... I mean, who would have to buy something like that?"
 協議会での結論は「空を飛ぶ生き物に影響ある網は禁止」という事になった。程なくして河童は霞のみを捕まえる新型の霞網を開発したようだが、霞自体の販売が上手くいかず霞網は減っていくだろうと予想される。ただし、霞を効率よく捕まえる技術は何かに活かされる事だろう。 The conclusion of the conference was: "Nets which affect flying creatures will be banned.". Shortly after, it seems that the kappa developed an improved mist net which will only catch mist. However, there is a widespread belief that the price of mist will not increase significantly and the sales of the nets will decrease. Despite this, the technology to catch mist efficiently may be used elsewhere in the future.
(射命丸文) (Aya Shameimaru)
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