Symposium of Post-mysticism/Ichirin Kumoi & Unzan

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守り守られし大輪 The Big Wheel, Having Guarded and Been Guarded
雲居 一輪&雲山 Kumoi Ichirin & Unzan Ichirin Kumoi & Unzan
能力 (一輪)  入道を使う程度の能力 Ability (Ichirin): The ability to use nyuudou
能力 (雲山)  形や大きさを自在に変える事が出来る程度の能力 Ability (Unzan): The ability to change shape and size at will
危険度      高 Threat level: High
人間友好度   高 Human friendship level: High
主な活動場所  命蓮寺、大空等 Main place of activity: Myouren Temple, the sky, etc.
 人間を恐怖に陥れる入道と、その入道に守られた妖怪のコンビである。入道にもいくつか種類があるが、雲山は見越入道の類だと思われる。見越入道は、最初は足元しか見えない僧侶の妖怪だ。顔を見ようと頭を上げても、どんどん巨大になり顔を見る事が出来ない。そうして顔を上に向けると首を切られるという。 A team of a nyuudou that scares humans and the youkai that he defends. There are several varieties of nyuudou, but Unzan seems to be the foreseeing type. Foreseeing nyuudou are youkai monks, but only show their feet at first. When their victim would look up to see their face, they would grow larger so that their heads would remain out of sight. It's been said that when the victim looks straight up, they would chop off their heads.
 入道を使うという聞いた事の無い妖怪だが、彼女は元々は人間だったらしい。魔法使いのようなタイプである。 She is a nyuudou-using youkai, which is unheard of, but it seems she was originally a human. In that sense she's similar to the magician type.
 雲山は自らの形を自由に変える事が出来る。といっても、大きくなったり小さくなったりするのが自由なだけで、好きな物に化ける事とかは出来ない。雲のような存在で、色を自由に変えられないからだ。 Unzan can freely change his shape but that only means he is capable of becoming as big or as small as he wishes. He cannot transform into something else. This is because he is a cloud-like being, so he cannot change his color.
 普段は命蓮寺に住んでいる。 They normally live at the Myouren Temple.
 特技を活かし、体力仕事や高い処での作業を担当している。 Taking advantage of Unzan's special skills, they are tasked with doing physical labor and work that requires being in high places.
 一輪の性格は要領が良く、肝が座っている所がある。雲山は無口で頭が固い、義理堅いといった面もある。 Ichirin's personality is essentially pleasant as well as tenacious. Unzan is reticent and stubborn, but has a strong sense of duty.
雲山との出会い Meeting Unzan
 雲山が普通の見越入道として人間を喰らっていた時代、肝の座った彼女は一泡吹かせてやろうと雲山に会いに行ったという。 Back when Unzan was a normal man-eating foreseeing nyuudou, it was told that she dauntlessly went to encounter him and give him a scare.
 彼女の目の前にも足下しか見えない僧侶が出た。「ははーん。出たわね?」と思い、顔を上げないように用心しながら「見越入道、見越したぞ!」と叫んだ。それが、見越入道を撃退する呪文だったのだ。 When she finally saw what looked like the feet of a monk, she thought "Ha ha, there you are.", and taking care not to raise her head, she shouted "The foreseeing nyuudou was foreseen!", which was the spell that repels them.
 本来はそれで見越入道は消えるのだが、完敗したショックと肝の据わった少女に感服した雲山は、一生彼女を守る存在になると覚悟する。 While that would normally make them disappear, the shock of his utter defeat and resulting admiration for the courageous girl prompted Unzan to devote the rest of his life to protecting her.
 それから彼女の生活は一変した。妖怪を怖れる必要が無くなったし、時には人間に嫌われたりもした。波乱万丈の人生を送り、いつしか妖怪の仲間入りをしたそうである。 After this, her life completely changed. She didn't need to fear youkai anymore, and was hated by humans at times. After going though a tempestuous life, before she knew it, she had become a youkai.
 現在は入道の様な妖怪を受け入れて、さらに人間の心も理解してくれる聖白蓮に帰依している。 Today, they have devoted themselves to Byakuren Hijiri who accepts youkai like nyuudou as well as understanding the hearts of humans.
対策 Countermeasures
 特殊な妖怪だが、実力はかなり高いので気を付けたい。 Although they are unusual youkai, their capabilities are quite high so exercise caution.
 雲山が守っている限り、一輪を狙っても勝ち目が無い。そして雲山には最初から手が出せないだろう。 You stand no chance of defeating Ichirin while Unzan is protecting her, and it is impossible to harm Unzan in the first place.
幸い、雲山は見越入道を廃業しているそうなので、襲われる事は少ないだろう。 Luckily, since Unzan has retired from being a foreseeing nyuudou, the chance of being attacked should be low.


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