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花果子念報 Kakashi Spirit News
第百二十五季 師走の四 Season 125, Shiwasu issue #4 (est. 2011/01/04 ~ 2011/02/03)
燃えさかる火の玉から宇宙人? Aliens From a Burning Fireball?
十尺の巨人現る! A 10 Shaku[1] Giant Appears!
 ○月○日の午後、妖怪の山の西側に巨大な火の玉が落ちていくのが多くの人間に目撃された。普段、人間のみならず妖怪も立ち入らない荒廃した辺境の為、その正体を確かめる事は困難を極めた。音も衝撃も無く、ただの隕石では無い様子である。 In the afternoon of the Xth day of the Xth month, humans observed a large fireball descending towards the western side of Youkai Mountain. As the ruins on that side of the mountain are inaccessible to both youkai and humans, confirmation of its true form was very difficult. However, without sound or impact, it was clear that it was no ordinary meteorite.
 また火の玉の目撃から、山の麓では十尺(=3メートル)を超える巨人の目撃が並行して報告されている。巷では、火の玉は墜落してきたUFO、巨人はそれに乗っていた宇宙人だと噂され、通称十尺の宇宙人と呼ばれている。 There were also reports of a giant over ten shaku (= three meters) tall being sighted in the foothills soon after the fireball landed. There are rumors that the fireball was actually an UFO and the giant was an alien riding it. The giant was called "the ten-shaku alien".
 宇宙人? まさかそんなSFじゃああるまいし、と思っている読者も多い事だろう。私もその一人だ。という訳で、火の玉と十尺の宇宙人の正体を念写した物がこの写真である。 I'm quite sure many readers are thinking, "An alien? I doubt it's something as sci-fi as that." I happen to agree, so I took a spirit photograph of the fireball and the ten-shaku giant's true form.
 写真を見て判るとおり火の玉の正体は空飛ぶ木製の船であり、十尺の宇宙人は妖怪、鵺(本名:封獣ぬえ)であった。肉眼で確認すると正体不明な存在でも、念写ならば真実が見えるものだ。早速彼女に取材を試みた。 As you can see from the picture, the true form of the fireball was a flying wooden vessel, and the ten-shaku alien was a nue (name: Houjuu Nue). While their true natures could not be discerned by the naked eye, spirit photography revealed the truth. I tried to interview her.
「ただ探し物をしていただけよ? 飛倉の破片を全部集めろって言われたんでね。それにしてもどうして私の正体が判ったの?」 "I was just out searching for something. I was told to collect the pieces of the flying vault. But forget that; how did you figure out my true form?"
 火の玉UFOも十尺の宇宙人も、ただ単に人を寄せ付けない様に演出していたのだという。 The fireball and ten-shaku alien were just an act to keep people away.
「私は〝正体不明〟の恐ろしい何か”に見えるように演出していただけよ。誰かが宇宙人だ、って言い始めたから、一人歩きして宇宙人に見える様になったんでしょう。それにしても十尺もある宇宙人ねぇ……」 "I was just trying to look like a "scary unidentified object". I heard people were starting to say there was an alien running around beforehand, so that rumor just kind of ended up making me out to be that alien on its own. But, a 10 shaku tall alien, you say?"
 都市伝説という物はこうした噂から始まるのだ、と説明する彼女は、正体ある物を正体不明へと変えてしまう力を持っている。実在が確かで正体不明な物、これは誰にでも噂レベルの正体を当てはめる事が出来るという事である。まさに今回のような都市伝説を生み出す存在と言えよう。 As someone with the ability to make objects unidentifiable, she explained that so-called "urban legends" are born from such rumors. That is, you can make up rumors about the true nature of anything, since you cannot confirm their nature. Those could then give birth to an new entity, just like the one created by this incident.
(姫海棠 はたて) (Hatate Himekaidou)
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  1. A shaku is an old unit of measurement about 30.3 cm in length
  • Judging how the alien is approximately 3.03 meters tall or 9.942 feet tall and appeared after the landing of a fireball-shaped UFO, it seems that Nue modeled herself after the Flatwoods monster.
  • According to the date of the article, Nue claimed to be searching for pieces of the flying vault even though it was longer than one year and a half after the spring of 2009, which was the time of Undefined Fantastic Object.