Symposium of Post-mysticism/Rin Kaenbyou

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地獄の輪禍 Hell's Traffic Accident
火焔猫 燐 Kaenbyou Rin Rin Kaenbyou
能力        死体を持ち去る程度の能力 Ability: The ability to carry away corpses
危険度       低 Threat level: Low
人間友好度    高 Human friendship level: High
主な活動場所   旧地獄 Main place of activity: Former Hell
 旧地獄に棲む嫌われ妖怪の一人、火車である。葬式になると現れて、死体を奪っていくという不吉な上に悲しみに追い打ちをかける嫌な妖怪だ。 She is a kasha, one of the despised youkai residing in Former Hell. She shows up at funerals and steals the corpses. She is disliked because of this kind of rubbing-salt-in-the-wounds behavior.
 何処かで葬式があると尻尾が二つある黒猫の姿で登場し、その存在に気付かないといつの間にか死体が消えてしまう。 If there is a funeral held somewhere, she will show up in the form of a black cat with two tails. If you are not aware of her, she will whisk away the body at some point.
 何の為に死体を持ち去っているのだろうか。彼女は死体を何処かに溜めている様子は無い。どうやら、猫が鼠を捕まえる行動の延長だと思われる。猫には動く物を追いかけてしまう習性があるが、火車には死者から抜け出る瞬間の魂を追いかける習性があるようだ。 Why does she carry away the corpses? It doesn’t seem like she is storing them somewhere. It appears to be just an extension of the mouse-catching behavior prevalent in cats. While cats have a habit of chasing moving things, it seems like kasha have a habit of chasing souls the moment they slip out of dead bodies.
 猫の中には長く生きて妖怪になる者も居る。そういう妖怪の殆どが偏った食事が原因だが、何を口にしたかによってなる妖怪が違う。人間を喰らうと普通の猫又になるが、火車は死体や幽霊を喰らった猫なのだろう。 Some cats live long and become youkai, and this is due to their dietary preferences. However, what kind of youkai they become depends on what they eat. If they eat humans, then they will become a normal nekomata, but kasha are cats that probably ate corpses or phantoms.
 彼女の特徴は、死体や霊と会話が出来る事だ。霊は幽霊や怨霊など、口を持たない者でも大丈夫だ。死者の殆どが死ぬという事が理解できてなく、明日の予定など能天気な事を話すらしい。彼女はそれがお気に入りだそうだ。 She has a special trait of being able to communicate with corpses and spirits. Among spirits, she can even talk to ones lacking mouths such as phantoms and vengeful spirits. Many of those who have passed away do not realize that they are already dead, so they will apparently say casual things like what their plans are for tomorrow. It seems that she enjoys those kinds of conversations.
 不吉な妖怪ではあるが、生きている人間には興味が無い。だからといって、人間を自分の手で殺す事も好まない。妖怪の手に掛かってしまうと死体の会話が面白くならないのである。人間に死が忍び寄るのを、じっと狙っているのだ。 Although she is an ominous youkai, she has no interest in living humans. But that doesn't mean she likes to do the killing herself. This is because the conversation with the dead are not interesting when they are killed by a youkai. She is always on the hunt for people who are on the verge of death.
 性格は明るくて単純だ。裏表は少なく、目の前しか見えていない。 Her personality is simple and bright. She is not two-faced and lives in the present.
猫車 Cat-cart[1]
 彼女が押している手押し車は、お燐の猫車と呼ばれ、恐らくこの世界で一番死体を乗せている手押し車である。 The pushcart she uses is called Orin’s Wheelbarrow. It is likely the pushcart that has carried the most corpses in this world.
 死体を奪う手口は「偶然落ちていた死体を拾う」「人が目を離した隙に盗む」「盗んだ死体をむしろにくるみ猫車に乗せる」というものだ。特別妖怪らしい方法を使う事はないが、成功率は高い。 Her tricks for taking corpses are “picking up corpses that she happens to stumble across", “stealing the corpse the moment people take their eyes off of it” and “hiding the stolen corpse with a straw mat in the wheelbarrow”. She does not use any youkai-like method in particular, but her success rate is very high.
 人間は盗まれて困る大切な物は守るが、死体が盗まれるとは思っていないので守らない。道ばたで堂々と運ばれている物がまさか死体だとは思わない。そういう理由で、彼女は死体を盗み放題なのだろう。 Humans protect important things that they do not want stolen, but no one ever considers that corpses could be, so they won't protect it. Nobody would think the things she carries so brazenly in her cart on the roadside are actually corpses. For that reason, it appears that she can steal as many corpses as she likes.
対策 Countermeasures
 盗まれたくなければ葬式の時は死体から目を離さないようにしよう。 If you don't want the corpse to be stolen, always keep an eye on it during a funeral.
 しっかりと埋葬してしまえば、もう興味は無くなる様である。 If you buried the body properly, she will seem to lose interest in it.
 しかし、それ以外の被害は報告されていない。ピンピンしている人間には余り興味が無いようである。不吉だが危険性は少ないだろう。 Aside from that, there haven't been any stories of her doing harm to anyone. She doesn't seem to be very interested in lively humans. Though she is a bit ominous, she shouldn't be that dangerous.


  1. "Neko guruma" (lit. cat vehicle) is a Japanese name for a one-wheeler, a type of wheelbarrow.
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